Are you ready for the results of our Negative Space Food Photography challenge on Instagram? First of all, I want to thank you all who participated in this challenge. You are incredibly talented, creative and I was blown away from every single entry. Beautiful work!

It was so difficult to choose only 4 finalists. There were 1360 entries in the challenge, huge thanks goes to our judge Roberta for her amazing work of choosing our 4 finalists:

And the winner of the Negative Space Food Photography challenge is…

First place: @myyummyspatula.

Roberta’s feedback: The first one immediately “sold me” whatever drink that is! I love those flowers in the negative space, I love the hard light and especially the movement in the drink. Such a nice touch.

Second place: @veggie_intervention

Roberta’s feedback: The second made me IMMEDIATELY fell in love. I love the mood, the light! You could think negative space is very easy to incorporate in your photos. I mean, it’s not even about incorporating, it’s about leaving something out. Well, when it’s too much, it doesn’t always work. In this second photo, there’s a lot of NS. Despite that, Maja did an amazing job! To me it doesn’t look “too much”, but just perfect.

Third Place: @evelynmpi

Roberta’s feedback: Photo number 3 speaks to my heart. It made me daydream and catapulted to Sicily (I know! The ones in the photo were not from Sicily eheh). Fun fact: I selected two of Evelyn’s photos and just realized it! 🙂


Fourth Place: @shanna_soulkitchen

Roberta’s feedback: Fourth photo. Same thing: NS can be too much sometimes but I loved this photo. It’s really enjoyable to watch at and gives you all the Autumn vibes!!! And I love the usage of colours and composition!!!


Voting was free for everyone, and you could have voted in my stories from Saturday to Sunday evening. I want to thank you all who participated and voted and supported our finalist. Below you can see the final voting results.

Important details of the Negative Space challenge

A message from our judge Roberta

“First of all, I want to say it was a true honour to be the judge of this challenge!
Second, I almost felt lost when I saw so many BEAUTIFUL (SO beautiful) entries so HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! I’m pretty sure your talent will bring you a lot of satisfaction in the future. Don’t give up! It hurt my heart to leave some of the photos out to just select a few, but that was my (tough) task here, right? Again, huge congratulations to all of you!

To judge the photos, I first relied on “love at first sight”: if I immediately liked it, I saved it to then go back and judge it with “neutral” eyes.
I then judged with these new “neutral” eyes and thought “Does it still catch my attention and does it still speak to my heart?”

Lastly, I tried to think like a brand/magazine “Would I pick this photo to promote/tell something?” (using text on the photo).

The 4 photos I selected answered all these questions. There were more, so I asked myself what else I loved about them (colours?  Composition? Light?) and these 4 were the result.

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