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Have you been to Venice? I love that city. Its incredibly magical, beautiful and so inspiring. I have been there for a few times already, (I am very lucky to live in Italy) and I always feel so excited to return there. Last time I took my camera and I made hundreds of images. Every angle, every street and corner, everything you see has its own magic and its so worth of photographing. So, here in this article, I will show you everything we saw at our weekend trip in Venice, and I will also give you some instructions for your next trip there!

Venice trip | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

When is the best time to visit Venice?

Venice can be quite stressful, busy and full of tourists in some periods, but it gets so free, empty and different in some other seasons. Especially after the flooding, which happens regularly every year around the middle of November. The sea level, because of the rain, increases and it floods some Venice streets. However, flooding of Venice is never as tragic as the media describes. Venice is beautiful also with some water on the streets. You can see reflections of buildings in the water and its just magic.

We had the opportunity to see Venice at the beginning of December. Right after the flooding period, when the sea level got back to the classic level. It was freezing and so humid there, but at the same time the city was just charming. There was almost nobody. I was so lucky to make images of empty squares, which almost never happens. All photos in this post are made by me. We woke up at 7:30; got dressed, took the camera and went to the streets.

Interesting facts about Venice

Just if you didn’t know:

  • Venice is build on 124 islands. Crazy, isn’t it?
  • The level above the sea is exactly 1 meter!
  • There are 259 809 inhabitants living in Venice (the mainland and the old historic city center), of which only 53 976 lives in the old city centre.
  • Every year, there are about 23 million of tourists in Venice.
  • More than 100 museums in the old city centre.
  • Venice has a beach too! It’s called Lido di Venezia, it’s a very tiny island of 4km2 and long 12 km. Very beautiful and worth of viting too.
  • Venice is very famous for it’s glass production on the island Murano.
  • Gondola is 11m long and 1.6m wide, with a mass of 350 kg and a gondolier can earn the equivalent of up to US$150,000 per year!

The world capital of over-tourism and the tax to pay

According to statistics, there are about 23 milions of visitors in Venice per year. Considering the inhabitants and tourists, there are 370 visitors each year per 1 inhabitant in the old city center. With such a number, Venice is considered as a place of massive tourism, beating even Barcellona, Amsterdam or Bangkok.

The critical problem existing in Venice comes from the increasing price of rents of appartments, but mainly from the pollution caused by cruise ships. The auhtorities have already banned the construction of new hotels.

In the past years, because of the quantity of tourists, many inhabitants has moved to the mainland. If this trend continues, Venice can become the second Atlantide.

Living in Venice… how is it?

Venice isn’t only a touristic place. It’s a town as all others. There are 53 976 inhabitants living still in the old city center. As you can imagine, it’s impossible to have car in Venice, so people are walking a lot and moving by boats.

Old city of Venice is rather small, but it’s much bigger than you probably know. There are many other locations where the inhabitants live. I really recommend to leave the zone of the most famous places, such as St Mark Square, or Rialto Bridge, and to explore other parts of this town. You will see how Venice can be calm, quite, simple and beautiful.

Prices of food or coffee in those places are lower, and the quality is very good. If you want to experience a real high quality of Italian cuisine, ask Italians where they eat. Real Italians never eat at the most touristic places. Just think about it. Number of tourists is increasing, so the restaurants need to product more (quantity). They need to be faster to serve more visitors. You can’t keep quantity in the same hand with quality. Surely, there are many great restaurants very near by the main touristic places. See the reviews and listen to people living there.

What to take with you to Venice

You don’t need much things when you go to Venice. Summer can be very hot and sunny, take some sun cream and hat. Winter is not really cold, but considering the humidity, you feel like freezing. In both cases, as per very high number of visitors, take a simple hand bag with you. A small one, where you pack all necessary things – documents, money, camera/mobile. Important is to carry very light bag and to be flexible to move around. Surely, camera should be on your list, as well as very comfortable shoes. Forget about high heels or anything fancy. We did 14 km in one day, just walking around!

Wake up early, see the sunrise!

Places we saw in Venice

There are so many beautiful places to see in Venice. I think a weekend in Venice is ok, seeing the whole city – touristic places and places where inhabitants live. But, if we should include visiting some museums too, definitely more days are needed.

We arrived Friday evening to Venice. Travelled by train, arriving to the main train station. We took an Airb&b near the Rialto bridge. So the first night was mainly walking to the apartment and spent the evening around the Rialto Bridge. The second day, Saturday, we woke up early at 7:30; were out by 8:00 and made 15 km of walking in the whole day. Practically, from the Rialto bridge, we walked to St Mark Square, moved around and took breakfast near by. Then, we walked along the sea to the zone, where the inhabitants live. Saw the places there. From there, we took the north/central part and came back to the apartment. (see the red line on the map). After lunch, we went to the centre of the city centre and came back to change for the dinner. (see the purple line). Dinner at 21:00, from there we took it to the south (see the green line), walked along the sea to the top end of the island and back to the apartment.

Sunday, we had to leave at the midday, so we took it easy. Again, waking up early morning at about 7:00 (see the green line), moved a little bit in the centre part, then came back to the apartment, took luggage and went to the train station.

So, here you see other images I took in Venice:

St Mark Square

The square in front of the cathedral St Mark

From the St Mark along the sea & gondola…gondola…gondola

Rialto bridge

Rialto Bridge Venice

Surroundings of Rialto Bridge

Beautiful restaurant just in front of the Rialto Bridge

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Night in Venice

Sunday walk around the Train station

Other photos somewhere in the centre of the centre

All images are made by me. If you wish to share some of my images, link always to this article and mention Healthy Goodies by Lucia and LuciaMarecak as the author of these photos. Thank you for understanding and your support!

Lucia Marecak
Lucia Marecak

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