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Tatiana Tor

Social media and website specialist. I take care of the routine stuff so you can spend your time on what’s important in your business

Hello, I’m Tatiana Tor, an avid Instagrammer passionate about telling stories through images and captions. I love writing, planning and helping people regain focus in their business. My goal is to help clients make the most of their time by managing their social media, creating strategies and writing captions. I am also available as a virtual assistant, idea producer, web builder/manager, wordpress consultant and graphic designer! 

My technical skills

I speak 4 languages, French Dutch, English and Spanish (still learning). I know my way around Adobe programs, Canva, Notion, Mailchimp and Convertkit, WordPress and many more.

My soft skills

Clear communicator, motivating, easily emphatic, strategic mind, easy to communicate with, listener, good at helping others to become successful, anticipater - Planner, quick on my feet thinking

Tatiana offers

Social media

Social media management, content creation, social media strategy, creative captions, statistics tracking, hashtags, idea production, planning, graphics, pinterest graphics, newsletters: mailchimp & convertkit

Price: starting at  12 euros / hour

Website management

WordPress instalment, blogposts management, creative writing, statistics & traffic reports, comments monitoring, web designing, web building, planning, maintenance and webshops.

Price: starting at 12 EUROS / HOUR

Virtual assistant

Website management, Emails, dm's, comments & more, Social media planning, Statistics & traffic reports, Personal planning, Company planning, Social media management, Website maintenance, Idea producer, Someone to talk to & brainstorm with

Price: starting at 12 EUROS / HOUR

Graphic Design

Magazine & ebooks, Websites, Content: social media, blogs & more, Logo’s, Menu’s, flyers, business cards, Brand building, Recipe development

Price: starting at 12 EUROS / HOUR


Creative writing, Business texts, Website writing, Newsletters, Comments, Social media captions, Slogans, Recipes & development, Product descriptions, Books, magazine & more, Articles, recipes & more

Price: starting at 12 EUROS / HOUR


Brand identity, Brand strategiesBlogposts, recipe development, Statistics, Content creation, Planning, Creative publicity, Idea's to grow your business, Market research

Price: starting at 12 EUROS / HOUR

Tatiana helps me to make things possible. She takes care of the Instagram of my, she helps me create blogposts, we brainstorm new projects together and she is always there to help me run daily things. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is am amazing colleague and a wonderful friend. Highly recommend working with her!



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