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Roadmap to success

How to create a successful food photography business from scratch 

Do you dream of creating your successful food photography business in the future?

I have build my business from scratch, so I can say, I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be. I have been there - starting food photography as a hobby, with a huge question in my head - "what now??"  

The same question I receive from my students, over and over again ... "What should I do next? What should I focus on? How can I build my business? I do this as a hobby, started a few months back, so how can I get brands to work with me?"

Therefore, I prepared for you this webinar, where I will show you a roadmap - a step by step process how to create a successful business in food photography from scratch. You will learn what exactly you need to do from doing food photography as a hobby, until working with clients and creating the life you dream about. 

This webinar is for creatives, who discovered food photography, do it as a hobby, but dream about making it their full time profession once in the future. 

And this webinar is also for those, who might do have their business already, but they feel stuck and don't know how to proceed further to create that business, which makes them excited, creative and successful. 

What you’ll learn and get at this webinar:

9 steps to create a successful food photography business

We will talk about concrete steps you need to go through - from the beginning of learning food photography and doing it as a hobby, until the stage of working with clients

I will share other helpful tips that will make this journey easier

All this can be overwhelming, but I will share with you a few tips that will make this journey easy and enjoyable. We will also speak about social media, networking, and realistic timelines - and yes, it takes time to create your own business 

A digitally fillable workbook

This workbook will help you go through the presentation, so you will leave this workshop with an actionable plan for your journey

Live Q&A session

We will have a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, where you will have opportunity to talk to me directly - with audio & video - not only through the chat box!

freebies helping you on the Way to Building your skills and business 

We will dive deep into each step in detail, and I will share with you freebies to help you in this process. Freebies will be available during the call, not only at the end 👏🏻

Extra Bonuses before & after this workshop

During the webinar, you will get lots of new information. You will have a great base to build on, but I know that the challenges comes after and being able to get a help is important. For this, I prepared for you extra bonuses you can get after the workshop, that will help you move further on your journey. 

1. Access to our private community for your questions & constructive feedback

You will get the access to the private community, where you can receive my support before and after the workshop. This way, I can answer your questions, give you feedback on your images and help you move forward on your journey. 

2. Giveaways to join our Members' Club

In our Members' Club, we have resources, that will give you through every step on this journey. You can participate to many giveaways organised by our members and win a free month access to our Members' Club, full of food photography courses and other resources. 

Get the replay of this webinar

This webinar will be a game changer for you. The replay is available until 17 November, so make sure to block your time, download the workbook and follow the webinar step by step. 

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Let me introduce myself, 

I am Lucia

Founder & Creator of Healthy Goodies by Lucia, the Members' Club

I am an award-winning food photographer and founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia, creator of the Members' Club, the most interactive online learning community for food photographers from all over the world, and of my free Food Photography Learning Journey Program, where I've helped thousand of food photographers make progress.

I have build my food photography business from scratch, I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be. I have been there - starting food photography as a hobby, with a huge question in my head - "what now??"  My business grew thanks to this community and I want to give back what I learned. For this reason, I prepared this webinar - roadmap to success - steps to take from the beginning of your food photography journey until working with your dreams clients and start successfully your food photography business. 

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