Download the workbook here and the presentation here. See the summary steps of the roadmap below.

Welcome to the busines roadmap!

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Step 1 - Learn the basics of composition, lighting, editing and finding your own style

  1. 1
    Courses: The Golden Ratio Compositions, Editing in Lightroom, Creativity & Photography Style, Principles of Lighting, Color Theory, Creative Flat lays, Props & DIY Backdrops
    We have courses in our Club that will help you with everything you need to learn at the beginning and to find your own style 
  2. 2
    Masterclasses are  videos of 40-60 minutes long, focusing on styling and composition, and how to apply it into practice. You see me creating a scene from the beginning till the end.

Step 2 - Community for keeping you inspired and accountable 

  1. 3
    Live Calls 
    Live calls with me, where I answer your questions, help you find solution to your challenges, we have live feedbacks, live editing calls & networking calls
  2. 4
    Food Photo Tournaments
    Our members work in a team of other 2 photographers, they learn how to work on an assignment as a team, they improve their project communication & processes, so they are more confident discussing projects with clients
  3. 5
    Image Critiques
    Are videos where I give feedback on the images from our members. I focus on improving composition and editing in Lightroom.
  4. 6
    Interviews with other professionals
    We often invite many other professional food photographers to tell us about their journey and how they achieved their success.

Step 3 - Know your favourite subject to photography = understand who your ideal client is 

  1. 7
    Course: How to Attract your ideal client with perfect portfolio
    In this course, you will be clear who your ideal client is, how to find them and how to build your perfect portfolio 

Step 4 - Define your goals

  1. 8
    Live calls: Goal Setting for business & blog
    We have regular goal setting live calls - where I help you review and define your goals, find solutions to your challenge and motivate you for moving forward. These calls are after each quarter. 
  2. 9
    Course: Creativity, Style and your Photography Goals (Module: Define your Photography goals)
    This module which is helping you how to define and set your creative goals in photography.

Step 5 - Build your Portfolio

  1. 10
    Course: How to Attract your ideal client with perfect portfolio
    This course will help you how to build your perfect portfolio that will attract brands you want to work with.
  2. 11
    Live calls: Portfolio reviews
    You can submit your portfolio for a review and get feedback during the live call. 

Step 6 - Pitch restaurants & magazines for the references

  1. 12
    Live call: Restaurant Photography
    We are going to have a live call in December, from a special guest, talking about Restaurant photography. 
  2. 13
    Tournament: Live talk How to work with magazines
    During the Tournament, we spoke about how the magazine works, how is it to work with them and how to pitch them.

Step 7 - Keep Learning & Updating your portfolio

  1. 14
    Courses: Cocktail Styling, Tethering workflow
    These courses will help you grow your skills further, and many advanced courses are coming in 2022
  2. 15
    Learn basics of editing in Capture One, Basics of Photoshop 

Step 8 - Organize your finances & pricing for your services

  1. 1
    Course: Pricing 
    This is coming in a few months
  2. 2
    Budget and Pricing calculator spreadsheet

Step 9 - Pitch brands & Create processes 

  1. 1
    Course: How to Attract your ideal client with perfect portfolio
    Again, inside this course, you will learn how to find contacts to pitch and how to create a process to keep track of brands 
  2. 2
    Bonus for joining the club: 
    Draft pitching email 
  3. 3
    Course: Goal Setting & Processes 
    This course is coming in January 2022, and you will learn how to organise your entire business: Finance, Admin, Clients, Content Creation, Marketing and receive all the templates for everything in Notion