Roadmap to success

Learn, how to build a successful and thriving food photography business from scratch, without getting overwhelmed! 3 live classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers!

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed about starting and growing your food photography business because,

  • You feel insecure about all the new skills you need to acquire
  • You feel insecure about all the new skills you need to acquire
  • Everything seems too complicated, from building a portfolio to how to contact clients. How to approach them, where to find them, and so much more
  • Overwhelmed because there is always such a push to learn so much more and more
  • You need to figure out if what you do is the right thing to do
  • and yet you are not sure or have no idea what the next step could be...

Imagine, you would... 

  • Have a plan for the skills you need to acquire to follow your clients' requests
  • Knowing about all the things that await you at different stages and steps of your journey
  • Having a plan about what to learn now and what to learn next
  • Knowing what the right thing to do is at the stage you are right now with your skills and business
  • And knowing what your next steps are going to be!

Let me introduce a live free class: ROADMAP TO SUCCESS 

Roadmap to success is a live free event for all passionate about food photography. Who want to grow their skills, work with clients in the future and start growing a successful photography business. 

This live class is brought to you to celebrate 2 years of the Members' Club! This ROADMAP TO SUCCESS brings you a step-by-step process of growing your food photography business. It's divided into 3 live classes (60 minutes each), where we dive into details about the steps you need to take to achieve your creative goals.

December 15 - 4 PM

Part 1 - Grow your skills

You love food photography, and your goal is to work with clients in the future. But what can you learn so you will be ready? What skills do you need to acquire? Where to start?

In this live class, we will talk about all the things you need to know at the beginning of your journey: composition, editing, or other things that will help you prepare to build your online presence.

December 16 - 4 PM

Part 2 - Grow your online presence

What's next once you feel confident about your skills? How will you build your online presence? What will you need to attract potential clients?

In this live call, we will dive deep into this step and discuss how to build your online presence and start pitching to clients. 

December 19 - 4 PM

Part 3 - Grow your business

So, you build your online presence and might have worked with a client or two. Congratulations! How could you make your process more productive, smoother, and achieve more?

In this live call, we will cover all those questions. And you will learn what is essential to focus on at this stage and how to grow your business further.

This class is for:  

  • Everyone who loves food photography and would love to create their own creative business in the future
  • All the food photography beginners who are serious about their growth
  • Intermediate or advanced food photographers who might feel like they need clarification and need to go back to basics
  • Anyone else who loves food photography or is looking for inspiration and to be part of our community

This class is NOT for:  

  • Someone who is not serious about food photography or doesn't do food photography at all
  • Someone who is not serious about building a business and needs to accept that it is a long-term process that requires lots of action.
  • Someone who doesn't have the ambition to start a business and is looking for some free class about how-to photography training
  • Someone who is already well established on the market, with a successful, thriving business

What you need to know about this class

There are 3 live calls

We will cover the concrete steps to build a successful food photography business from scratch. It's up to you which calls you want to join - you can also join all of them!

You Will Learn What The Actionable Steps Are

We will talk about concrete steps you need to go through - from the beginning of learning food photography and doing it as a hobby until the stage of working with clients

You Will Have A Digitally Fillable Workbook

This workbook will help you go through the presentation so that you will leave this workshop with an actionable plan for your journey

3 Live Q&A Sessions After Each Call

We will have a Q&A session at the end of the webinar, where you can talk to me directly - with audio & video - not only through the chat box

You Will Get 2 Weeks Of The Replay & Space To Ask Me Questions

The replay will be available until the 1st of January 2023 - plenty of time to re-watch the classes, and I will be available to answer any questions of yours!

Book your seat!

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