How to Create Perfect FLAT LAYS in Food Photography

replay - available until 16 September, then only inside our Members' Club

Grow your confidence about creating flat lays, get clarity about tools and other technical aspects of the equipment. Learn my tips & tricks about lighting or composition and see the behind-the-scenes of my images.

Workbook, private community, bonuses

The class is filled with insights and very valuable information. Therefore, we prepared all these things that will help you stay focused and get most out of this class. 

1. Downloadable workbook

Download the workbook, print it or use it digitally!

2. A private group, where you receive feedback 

These bonuses will help you create your assignment, and will help you improve your composition skills too!

And because I really want you to get the most out of this workshop, I have an assignment for you: it will help you put what you learned into practice. Share your image in our private fb group and receive a feedback.

3. Your bonuses!

Download your bonuses from here

These bonuses will help you create your assignment, and will help you improve your composition skills too!

Live class replay - available in our Members' Club

In the live class, we cover: 

  • 0:17:00 - what is a flat lay
  • 0:22:19 - tools you can't miss for flat lays - click here to learn about my equipment
  • 0:36:09 - technical aspects of flat lays
  • 1:19:08 - mistakes we all do
  • 1:22:31 - tips for composition, lighting, editing and props 
  • 2:02:11 - BTS of my flat lays & assignment after

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