Here they are, the right resources to help you with composition!

If you want to improve your composition, I would say that number 1 resource to help you do so is tethering and using composition overlays! I know this might be scary, but we have resources that will help you overcome this technicality :) and trust me, it will help you sooo much! After this, you will be questioning yourself, why you didn't do it earlier?? :)

You can bookmark this page or save a link, so you can return to it anytime you need! After you finish these resources, and you wish to improve another area, return to the quiz anytime to get new and fresh resources to dive in!

tethering workflow - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

This course will help you understand how to tether and how to use the overlays. You only need a cable & tethering software. It's easier than you think and you will find all the details in this course. 

Composition masterclass

This composition masterclass is just born for this reason! To help you improve your composition skills. You will also learn how to tether to EOS Utility and how to connect it with Lightroom

I invite you to visit our masterclasses or courses (on composition) and dive into them more, or, you can try something different and see how Kimberly Espinel creates her images when it comes to composition.