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The key to success is having less things to do on your to-do list and to be working on them consistently. That's why this quiz will help you focus on a very specific area that you wish to improve. It will give you a personalised plan, so that you can achieve your goals in a shorter time.


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Based on the answers you give on the questions, you will receive an action plan with some tips & tricks and activities you can do to improve the area you wish to work on.


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Use this amazing opportunity to have access to our Member's Club for the next 5 days. And all of this for only 1€! With your personalised results, you will be able to follow the resources that will help you improve your skills. And on top of all, you will be able to access all the resources inside our Club.

Our Members' Club is an interactive learning community for food photographers. Where you will find many courses, masterclasses, live calls and more to help you progress with your skills and build an amazing photography business of your dreams.

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