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I am extremely excited to introduce this course to you. Creativity, self-confidence and photography style is so important for every artist in the world. This is not something you are born with, but something you can train and practice as you go. 

This course will help you find your own photography style, will help you understand how to be more creative, how to build your self-confidence. You will learn how to define your photography goals, so you can truly and fully enjoy your creative life.

You will learn in this course:

  • how to build unlimited positive self-confidence,
  • what actions can help you be more creative and inspired,
  • how to create your own personal photography style, that is unique for you,
  • how to create a digital mood board,
  • how to read the images in your mood board and define smart goals, so you know exactly what to focus on in your learning journey.

Course Curriculum


Introduction of the monthly theme

1. Allowing creative abundance to flow

Lesson 1: Real secrets to ongoing creative abundance

Lesson 2: How to build unlimited self-confidence

2. Find your own photography style

Lesson 1: What it is and how you can find your own

Lesson 2: Define your own photography style

4. Define your photography goals

Lesson 1: How to make a mood board

Lesson 2: How to read images in your mood board and how to set your creative goals

About the author

Lucia Marecak - a food photographer, founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia and food photography teacher at HG Members Club, the most interactive learning platform for food photographers. Ex Human Resources Manager, today creating an amazing and inspiring community for food photographers, helping them to take their skills to the next level, be more creative & confident and create an amazing photography business of their dreams.


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