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This week, in my newsletters, we talk about How to grow your Instagram in 2020. I prepared for you a comprehensive guide, sharing ideas and things I did to grow my Instagram account from 800 to 8000 in 6 months.

The guide is divided into 5 areas: Your Name+Bio, Audience, Engagement, Posting, Hashtags; in which I share many ideas on what to do.

Then, I also share my recommendation on how to find your own system that works for you and your profile specifically.

Did you know for example, that you can turn on notifications on other people’s posts and get always updated when they post something? This is a great tool Instagram offers us, and it’s important for your engagement. Why? This is also what you will find in this guide, together with many other tips.

This guide has 5 pages! And, be sure, we go deep into each area mentioned above! 🙂

A little bit from the guide – How to grow your Instagram

Before we start, I want you to realize a couple of things:  

1. me, you, everybody, is constantly losing followers. Some days, I gain 40 and lose 20. You can’t do anything to stop it, but you can do something about gaining more new followers, so your number will keep growing.

2. It’s not about a short-run, to start seeing results, it takes days of constant work. Therefore, please, don’t feel bad, if you don’t gain new followers as soon as you start to implement things. Some days you get more, some less or none. It really goes up and down, still for me now. 

3. It’s not about the number of followers, but about engagement. You can have 20k followers, but receiving 500 likes and 30 comments. Or, you can have about 5k followers and receive 1,5k likes and 100 comments. I remember, my first 1k likes on one image was with less than 3k followers. 

4. Instagram gives you back what you put in. We don’t talk about money here, but about your time and activity. I don’t think we will ever understand how algorithm works, but the more you are active and engage actively with others, the more your posts are visible among others. 

5. Never compare yourself to anybody else who may grow faster. You will only get depressed and unmotivated. Compare yourself today with yourself yesterday. Ask yourself, what can you do better or in a different way today that helps you grow more than yesterday?

how to grow your Instagram - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

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Lucia Marecak - a food photographer, founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia and food photography teacher at HG Members Club, the most interactive learning platform for food photographers. Ex Human Resources Manager, today creating an amazing and inspiring community for food photographers, helping them to take their skills to the next level, be more creative & confident and create an amazing photography business of their dreams.


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