This month is all about negative space, and negative space is quite important when working with food magazine. And if your dream is to be featured on a magazine cover, then visualization is an important technique to make your dreams reality. 

If you have a dream, visualization increases the likelihood of achieving it. You might have heard about a dream board (or so-called Vision Board). By visualizing your dreams, you teach your brain to recognize what resources it will need to help you succeed in achieving what you dream of. It helps you concentrate more on your goal and start being more proactive in making them happen. 

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And what food blogger doesn’t dream about being featured on a magazine cover?
Therefore, in my newsletter, I share with you 4 canva templates for the food magazine cover. You can add there your own images, print them, and add it on your vision board. 🙂

And for those, who shoot tethered, in our VIP e-Library, you will find png files of these covers, to use as an overlay in lightroom!

Interview with Roberta, our judge for the “Negative Space” Challenge

I share in the newsletter the video – interview, we prepared for you! Roberta shares her food photography journey and I hope you find it inspiring and helpful. You can find more information about this interview in this blogpost.

Food Magazine Cover Newsletter & Interview with Roberta - Healthy Little Cravings - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

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Lucia Marecak - a food photographer, founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia and food photography teacher at HG Members Club, the most interactive learning platform for food photographers. Ex Human Resources Manager, today creating an amazing and inspiring community for food photographers, helping them to take their skills to the next level, be more creative & confident and create an amazing photography business of their dreams.

How to work with Natural Light - FREE GUIDE - food photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

4 behind the scenes - explaining how to create bright & airy, dark & moody, bright & moody and image with hard light

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