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“Negative Space” Food Photography Challenge on Instagram for creatives from all around the world. Join this challenge and learn how to incorporate negative space at different compositions in your food photography images.

Negative Space Food Photography Challenge - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

These challenges are part of my Food Photography Learning Journey Program. The program is designed to help food photographers learn something new each month and take their food photography skills to the next level.

During the previous challenges, we have already learned how to work with Hard light, soft light, what camera angles we use in food photography, how to use colors, or how to use the Rule of three in food photography.

The task is to incorporate a negative space in your food photography images.

You are free to choose any kind of composition or subject you want to photograph. The only task is to incorporate the negative space in your image. You can join the challenge by posting max. 4 entries in the following month.

More insights about the “Negative Space” in Food Photography

Negative space is very important in food photography. It is a part of the composition of an image and it helps draw attention to the main subject. Negative space is also important to consider when creating images for clients, or magazines.

If you want to learn more about it, more insights and tips about the negative space in food photography will be provided exclusively to my subscribers via newsletters.

(My newsletters are part of my free program, therefore you can subscribe to the program via this link).

There, over the next 3 weeks, we will talk about what the negative space is, why we use it and how to combine negative space with different compositions.

Dates and hashtags of the challenge

You can participate by posting maximum of 4 images (entries) per person per challenge. Post them in your Instagram feed from September 23 – October 15.

Use the NEW hashtag #negativespacefoodphoto, tag me @healthygoodiesbylucia and the judge @healthylittlecravings in your images and mention this challenge in the caption as well.

The judge for the “Negative Space” Challenge – Roberta from @healthylittlecravings

Roberta is a food photographer, food blogger and cinemagraph artist with a huge passion for homemade food (especially baking goods!) and natural ingredients.

She has a love for texture and attention to detail, and always wants her images to be extremely mouth-watering and appetizing. Her photos are studied to be as three-dimensional as possible.
Despite starting this career only in recent years, Roberta has already worked with small businesses and magazines, as well as bigger brands, like Nikon, Barilla and Samsung. Obsessed with: cats, sunsets, and cardamom buns.

You can find her amazing recipes on her blog Healthy Little Cravings or you can follow her on instagram @healthylittlecravings.

Why you should participate in Food Photography Challenges?

  • photography challenges are a great way to learn something new and improve your photography skills
  • you will join a fantastic community of creatives from around the globe, who share the same passion for food photography
  • if you are stuck and you do not feel creative, joining this challenge can kick you with positive energy and motivate you
  • and also mainly because joining challenges is a lot of fun!

Please, remember to tag your images with @healthygoodiesbylucia, @healthylittlecravings, mention us in a caption and use also a hashtag #negativespacefoodphoto, so we can see your entries.

 Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak

Read more information about this food photography challenge:

How to submit and tag images?

Tag your images with @healthygoodiesbylucia, mention me also in a caption and use also a hashtag #negativespacefoodphoto. (each month there is going to be a new challenge hashtag.

When should I post images?

You can submit your image any day within period: 22/09 – 15/10. You can join the challenge with max. 4 entries.

Is there a winner in this food photography challenge?

Yes, we are going to choose 1 (max.2) final winners. Our judge will choose her 4-8 favourite images and all other participants will vote for their favourite winner(s).

What is the goal of this photography challenge?

The goal is to learn, get inspired, experiment more with what we have, and push our photography skills to the next level.

Who can participate?

Everyone, around the globe. You can be a beginner or professional food photographer. It’s about learning and getting inspired from each other.

Do I need to register to participate?

This challenge is free for everyone, you do not need to register. All you have to do is to follow @healthygoodiesbylucia on Instagram.

Can I receive more hints and tips about how to create my entry for this challenge?

Absolutely! I always share helpful information & tips that help you create your entries. If you wish to be part of our community, you can subscribe to my newsletter.

I am still learning food photography, can I join?

YES! you can join this challenge, whether you are a beginner or advanced in food photography. Challenges are a great way how to push your skills to the next level.

Author: Lucia Marecak
Author: Lucia Marecak

Hi there! My name is Lucia, I am a Food & Lifestyle Photographer, Recipe Developer, & Food Blogger.
I host regular Instagram photography challenges for creatives around the globe, and I write weekly newsletters to my subscribers, where I share exclusive hints&tips, behind the scenes, and many other insights from food photography.

About the author

Lucia Marecak - a food photographer, founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia and food photography teacher at HG Members Club, the most interactive learning platform for food photographers. Ex Human Resources Manager, today creating an amazing and inspiring community for food photographers, helping them to take their skills to the next level, be more creative & confident and create an amazing photography business of their dreams.


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