My 2 game-changer moments that helped me to get things done

by Lucia
Healthy Goodies by Lucia game changer moments

Many people are asking me how I manage to take care of my blog, while having a full-time corporate job. Well, it is not easy to manage both and I went through quite hard times. I remember, some months ago, I was posting 1 recipe per month. I already wanted to give it up. And then, it arrived. My 2 game-changer moments, that helped me to get things done, lightened my mind and pushed me forward.

Me now and before

Healthy Goodies by Lucia - food blog and photography

The alarm is ringing. it’s 5:30 a.m. I quickly switch it off. Then I get up, make a coffee and sit at the table or on the sofa. My mind is fresh in the morning and many ideas are going through.

This is my every morning since July this year. A year ago, I decided to write a blog about my passion, which is cooking and healthy lifestyle. With a lot of excitement at the beginning, I managed to post some articles. After a few months, there was always less space in my agenda for this and after I had no time at all.

Have you ever felt the same?

Well, I was getting quite upset and demotivated that my time was just running through and my goals were disappearing than becoming reality.  

I felt overwhelmed. 

My full-time job was taking my most productive part of the day and in the evening there were always some home-must-do activities. No time for anything else. … at least I felt so, and many times I just wanted to give up…

My first game-changer

Moody Food Photography Healthy Goodies by Lucia

One day, tired after work, by scrolling down instagram home page, I saw one name.

Cristina Greve. … never heard of her… checked her profile, learned about her podcast. I started listening one after the other and finished all podcast within one week.

She is such a wonderful person, professional psychologist and photographer, so truly inspiring and motivating. My wow-moment came, when she was talking about her ways of getting things done. She was waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning just to have a quiet and productive time before her family wakes up. So I gave it a try. And… It actually works for me too! Getting those 2 hours extra every day, made whole world of difference.

And, I have managed to complete more in these 2 months, than in the last full year. No more excuses about no time.

Understand yourself

This schedule works for me. I was not at all a morning person before. I love sleeping. But what I love more, is getting things done and move my dream closer to a reality. First weeks were though but then I got used to it.

Before, I tried many times to work on the blog after my job (in the late evenings). And it was always a disaster. I was just super tired after all day working,

My mind was so exhausted at the end of the day and I was not able to write a word. Anticipating my blogging in the morning was a game-changer and a great thing I did for myself. My mind is fresh, no other thoughts or distractions, just a focus on what I have to do.

This way, I’ve got a lot of time in the evening for some other physical activities. I can do my workouts, cooking, testing new recipes or watching a movie. Simply said, I relax my mind.

Second second game-changer

Have you read the  The Power of Habits from Charles Duhigg? If not, this is a must to read for everybody, who wants to get a control of their time. When I finished reading this book (on my vacations :), it was a breathe-taking moment of how wrong I was, and still I am, about keeping wrong habits. Of course I didn’t have any time. No surprise. So I changed my bad habits, and still working on changing some. I tried to replace them with some good ones.

For example, instead of listening some music on my way to work, I started listening more podcasts; or preparing my office clothes before going to bed, instead of loosing time in the morning. Or baking something in the evening, so the first thing I do on Saturday or Sunday morning is photographing it.

As the result of this, I suddenly I have time and I get things done.

You can give a try too

Waking up earlier was a game-changer for me. I have got a gift of 2 or 1,5 hours of TIME. You might think, it’s nothing, but when you count it in one month, you can achieve great things. This is your time to invest.

This is my first behind-the-scene article

Healthy Goodies by Lucia

I would love to share more about behind-the-scene of my blogging. I always wanted to write but somehow never started. And I think you guess why. I never had time 🙂 And so, I think this is a good moment to do it. To push myself out of my comfort zone.

I would like to write more about my wow-moments and what I learn on my journey of a food blogger and a food photographer. And if this inspire someone in progressing with their dreams, it will be such a gratification for me.

If you have experienced similar situation, I will be so happy to hear about your waw-moments, that helped you to get things done.

For those who do not know me

I am a full-time corporate professional, full-time girlfriend and a full-time food blogger, recipe developer and food photographer behind Healthy Goodies by Lucia. I develop original recipes that are healthy, gluten-free, often plants-based or vegan, and all are made from legumes. My goal is to inspire people to eat healthier and feel great, by showing them how to include beans, chickpeas and other legumes into every-day savoury or sweet recipes. 

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Eva September 16, 2019 - 7:43 pm

Wow, you really took action and did something to change the situation. I’m so impressed! It was very interesting and inspiring to read this. I must plan my days better and get more structure. It seems so difficult but of course it’s the only way to move towards your goals. In my home there is always someone else and, even though I love them, I wish to concentrate on my things so I must find a way to do this. Thank you for sharing your game changers!

Lucia September 17, 2019 - 4:18 am

Hi Eva! thank you so much for your feedback. I understand completely what you talk about, it is not easy to separate yourself from house-work and concentrate purely on your own activities. I was feeling so guilty for that! haha. Try different things and see what works better for you, mine was definitely waking up earlier. Then also, planning and structuring the day is also the core of finding a time, I think the book would help you to understand how to change the activities into more effective way. Let me know how it goes and what works for you! 🙂


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