My 14 most used Lightroom Shortcuts + free pdf to download

by Lucia

I have put together my most used 14 Lightroom shortcuts. I literally use Lightroom every single day and in the last year I have edited thousands of images. These Lightroom shortcuts were a game changer for me, I use them every day and every time I edit an image, they make my process smoother, faster, my workflow is clean, organised and effective.

Lightroom has many shortcuts, and probably you already use some of them. But there are so many more which are very useful and you might not know about them.

Cheat Sheet 14 shortcuts for LIghtroom | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Free Cheat Sheet of 14 Lightroom Shortcuts

I also prepared a free dpf for you, a cheat sheet, where I summarise all these shortcuts in one page. You will find it in our VIP e-library in the Lightroom folder. You can access it below in this blog post. Print it, have it next to your computer and use it while editing. You will see how you will fall in love with these shortcuts and after a short time you will start using them automatically during your editing process.

My 14 most favourite Lightroom Shortcuts:

1. X – Reject an image

After importing images into the library, you want to keep only good ones, and images which are not usable, you can delete from Lightroom. In this case, press X and Lightroom will reject that image. In this case, you you keep your folders organised.

14 Lightroom shortcuts for image editing | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

If you reject some photo by mistake, do not worry. You can always un-reject the image. Go to the Library mode, from the tool bar (the panel below the image), you can see 2 little flags there, to un-reject it, click on the one with a cross.

2. 1-5 – star rating of images

We spoke about rejecting the images, but what you do when you see an image you like? In this case, if you press a number from 1 to 5 and you will rate them with stars. Number 1 means 1 star, 2 means 2 stars, etc. When I absolutely love the image, I rate it 5. When I am not sure if I like it so so much, I rate it 2 or 3.

14 Lightroom shortcuts for image editing | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

3. Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) and Cancel – delete rejected images

When you press Cmd and Cancel together, Lightroom will cancel all rejected images. This way you can keep your lightroom folders organized, keeping only images you like. Very nice way to make your workflow smoother.

4. D – go to Develop mode

D will take you to the Develop mode. It’s quick and effective way to start editing your image.

5. \ – see before & after

14 Lightroom shortcuts for image editing | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Press the \ and the image will turn as original. It’s a quick way to see the image before any edits were applied. I love using it when comparing how far I have got with editing. Is it too much and it looks unreal, or is the image editing beautiful and you are proud of your work? Use this shortcut to quickly understand the difference of before and after.

6. J – understand the right balance of blacks/whites

J is used in situations, when you want to have a better control of the image editing. Press J and start changing the whites and blacks. I would say, the right limit of whites & blacks is at the point, when blue and red start appearing.

What it means?

Blue colour shows the area of pure black and red is referring to the areas of pure whites. Those areas do not have any texture. The goal is to balance the image so you come to the point of having none or minimum pure black and non or minimum pure whites.

7. L – Lights out

Proud of how you editing you image? Want to check it for the last details? Try to press L and you will see the rest of the screen will get grey, press it again, the screen gets completely dark. You eyes are not disturbed by anything else and you can focus on reviewing the image, without the tendency to keep on editing. Pressing L will return you back to the develop mode.

14 Lightroom shortcuts for image editing | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Get your free Cheat Sheet of these Lightroom shortcuts!

Get the access to our VIP e-library, and download your pdf for free. You will have an access also to all our freebies in the e-library!

8. R – Crop tool

Type R to open the Crop tool. You use it when you want to understand how to crop the image to keep a good composition. Type R or Enter again and close the Crop tool.

9. Q – Spot removal tool

Again, quick way how to get directly to Spot removal tool. When you are done with spot removal, press Enter or Q to close the tool and get back to editing.

10. M – Graduated Filter

Press M and open directly the Graduated filter. Press Enter or M again and come back to the image editing.

11. Shift and M – Radial Filter

When you need to open the Radial Filter, use Shift and M. Press it again and get back to editing.

12. K – Brush tool

Use K to open the Brush tool. When you are done with changes, press K again or Enter to close the Brush tool.

13. Shift and R – Reference view

I often use the Reference view when editing images. I use it when I need to understand if my new image edits match the mood and editing style of my previous image. Use Shift and R to open the reference view. To close it, use D (Develop Mode shortcut).

Lightroom shortcuts | LuciaMarecak

14. I – Image information

When you press I, you can open the information of the image on the left side. When you type I again, you see the other information (of your camera and lens) and press it again, the info will disappear.

Our VIP e-library | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Enjoyed this blog post about my favourite Lightroom Shortcuts?

Which is your most favourite Lightroom shortcut? Let me know also how you like this blog post and how useful it was for you! I literally use these shortcuts every day and they make my work much smoother and faster. I hope they help you too and make your editing more enjoyable!

Also, if you wish to know about other things about Lightroom, let me know!

Make sure you follow me on instagram @luciamarecak to get some other hints & tips about Lightroom. I always post on my instagram edited and original images, so you can see the difference and the power of editing!

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Author: Lucia Marecak
Author: Lucia Marecak

Hi there! My name is Lucia, I am a food blogger and food photographer. 

Here, at Healthy Goodies by Lucia, apart from creating new recipes, I also write about motivation, time-management or blogging itself and share my knowledge about food photography & editing.

My goal is to inspire and help others to progress and grow personally & professionally, in order to reach their dreams in blogging or food photography.

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