Monthly Food Photography Challenges 2020 overview – Healthy Goodies by Lucia

by Lucia

Irresistible and challenging, helping you become a better Food Photographer. Amazing & supportive community, and each challenge = new photography skill learned. These are my Monthly Food Photography challenges on Instagram.

Today, I share with you an overview of my photography challenges for the rest of 2020. They are free for everyone, and each photography challenge is focusing on learning a very specific skill in food photography.

You can join whether you are a beginner or an advanced food photographer. We help and inspire each other.

For more help & inspiration in creating your entries, you can subscribe to my newsletters. There, I provide a lot of behind the scenes, insights, education on each photography challenge.

Why to join my challenges?

  • challenges are a great way to learn something new and improve your photography skills;
  • each photography challenge is very specific about learning something concrete from food photography;
  • you will join a fantastic community of creatives from around the globe, who share the same passion for food photography;
  • if you are stuck and you do not feel creative, joining these photography challenges can kick you with positive energy and motivate you;
  • and also because joining challenges is a lot of fun!

Food photography challenges 2020 overview June – December:

Dates, Themes and what you will learn by joining the challenges & my newsletters:

  • June 19 – July 15- Bright & Dark – we will play with light and we will learn how to create different moods;
  • July 16 – August 15- “Summer Vibes” – how to shoot with hard light and include summer colors & feeling in images;
  • August 16 – September 15 – “Straight on” – using the “straight on” angle in food photography and which foods work better with this angle;
  • September 16 – October 15 – “Negative Space” – using the negative space in your images; how to work with it and why it’s important;
  • October 16 – November 15 – “Analogous colors”– we learn what it is and how to create images with this color combination;
  • November 16 – December 15 – “Christmas Vibes” – we will deep into storytelling and learn how to create Christmas mood in food photography.
Food Photography challenge - Healthy Goodies by Lucia Marecak

What we already learned in my previous challenges:

If you are curious to see all entries for the past challenges, head to our hashtag #capturelearnandinspire on Instagram.

All other information about each challenge will be provided at the beginning of the new theme and more education, insights & behind the scenes will be shared only in my newsletters. You can join me here.

I will be happy if you share these challenges with your friends and anybody else who you think will enjoy joining us.

You can also pin this image on your Pinterest and help me spread the word about these challenges.


You can e-mail me at healthygoodiesbylucia(at)gmail(dot)com or write me a message on Instagram and I’ll be happy to help.

Author: Lucia Marecak
Author: Lucia Marecak

Hi there! My name is Lucia, I am a Food & Lifestyle Photographer, Recipe Developer, & Food Blogger.
I host regular Instagram photography challenges for creatives around the globe, and I write weekly newsletters to my subscribers, where I share exclusive hints&tips, behind the scenes, and many other insights from food photography.

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