July 7, 2023

Learn, how to use AI to generate food photography images for your mood boards, marketing materials, website design …

*Now the subtitles are available - click on CC*

During the call, we had a look at how to use Midjourney to generate images using Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Midjourney is a paid tool, basic subscription is about 8 euros/month. Free alternatives you can try are:

*note, I haven't been testing these sites yet 🙂 

Please, note, that we don't use AI to generate food photography images for our clients or for our Instagram. We use AI to get inspired, to build a mood board, find an idea that we have in our head, and see how it could look like. 

During the call, we mention: 

  • how Midjourney works, 
  • how to write prompts to generate images
  • how to upscale, create variations, download the images 
  • and, we also saw how to retouch them in Photoshop 🙂

Generating images: 

To generate an image, you need to start: /imagine then, you write your prompt.

To create a specific aspect ratio, add: --ar 2:3 (or any aspect ratio you wish). Other information you can add: CAMERA MODEL: Canon EOS R5 | CAMERA LENS: 75mm f/ 2. 8 | SPECIAL EFFECTS: Ultra - detailed, ultra - photorealistic, --ar 2:3

Please, be patient when generating images 😅 it takes a lot of time! 

You can also generate image, based on the image you upload. To do that:

  • click on the + icon next to your message; upload an image to Midjourney and click enter to send your image
  • click on the image you sent, open it in a browser
  • copy the link of that image and add the link to a new prompt you write.

You can also ask Midjourney to write a prompt based on an image you upload, you need to start typing: /describe

Some examples of what we generated during the class:

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