Roadmap To Success

A Roadmap to Success is a coaching program, that will help you grow your skills, grow your online presence and create a successful photography business.


3 phases 

23 steps

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Welcome to the Roadmap to Success

I created this Roadmap to guide you on your journey to create a successful and thriving photography business. These steps are designed to help you move forward, whether you start from scratch or already have some experience and knowledge about food photography. In addition, each step will provide you with carefully chosen resources to help you learn specific skills.

Roadmap To Success

Take the most out of this roadmap

This roadmap takes the resources from our Members' Club and organizes them into specific steps. These are built - one on another, so I recommend completing all these steps, as they are essential for your learning experience.

Please, take your time, follow each step, use the workbooks you have in each phase, you can watch the video for the introduction, and follow the recommended resources.

The key to success is feedback, guidance, and answers to your questions, so never hesitate to contact me in our forum or during our live calls.


Download the workbook that will help you follow each step. You will find the workbook inside the roadmap. 


Access our forum for any question you have


Sync our calendar for the next live call to discuss anything live. If you can't attend our live call, send me your question and watch the replay at your own pace

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Roadmap To Success structure

Below, you will find the phases and steps of this roadmap. Take your time to dive into each step, practice the most you can, ask questions to receive feedback on what you create, and enjoy!

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