Become our Ambassador and get rewarded 

for bringing new members to our Club!

Spread the word about our Members' Club, share your unique affiliate links and earn money when your friends join our Members' Club! 

How does it work?

Sign up  

If you want to join our Ambassador Program, sign up into the program from above and get your unique link to share with your friends. 

Copy your Affiliate link

Once you access your Ambassador Dashboard area, you can copy your unique affiliate link to share with your network. 

Share it and enjoy your reward!

If your someone joins our Members' Club via your link, they become your referrals, and you will be rewarded for bringing them in. You will receive 25% of the fee of the new member. You will receive these money after, or you can exchange this credit for private coaching sessions with Lucia.

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who can join the Ambassador program

The Members’ Club Ambassador program is only open to members of the Members’ Club - I want you to share this place because you love it!

How much money will you earn?

You will receive 25% commission on any referrals - new members who join our Members’ Club via your affiliate link. 

Your commissions will be paid once you reach 50 Euro. 

The commission is recurring, and valid for monthly or yearly membership. The commission lasts while the new members has an active membership.

how long the unique affiliate link works?

We utilise 60-day cookie tracking (so if someone visits using your link and signs up 59 days later, you still get credit!)

How the payment works?

Referrals are typically credited after 30 days. Payment will be sent monthly via PayPal, bank transfer or via Amazon Gift Card. Please ensure that you have added your PayPal email address in the Affiliate Area under settings so that payment can be received.  You can also exchange the credit collected for the private coaching sessions with Lucia. 

The method of payment will be agreed with each member separately via written communication - emails. 

If a referral cancels in their first 30 days and requests a refund, you will not receive payment for that referral.

Your affiliate link will no longer be valid once you stop being an active member of the Members’ Club. After you stop the subscription in our Club, you will get paid the rest of the amount collected (if any), and you will stop being credited affiliate commissions after. 

How can I track my referrals?

You can access the Ambassador Area at any time – please login using your membership login first. In the Ambassador Area you will be able to access your affiliate links, see your statistics and successful referrals, view commissions due and paid.

Can I have some marketing materials to use from the Members' Club?

I will provide you with the marketing materials you might need to promote the Members’ Club with your audience. Please, write me at lucia@healthygoodiesbylucia.com and tell me how I can help you.

Please, be respectful when sharing your link about our Club

When you share your affiliate links with your friends for joining our Members' Club, please, be respectful and avoid any kind of spamming, pushing or creating other negative feelings in order to bring them into our Members' Club. I worked very hard to create our Members' Club, and to make it your food photography family, where you can get inspired, recharged your energy and motivation. Creating negative energy (pushing, spamming, etc... ) with new potential members is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here and will harm deeply our Members' Club. Learn more about it in our Affiliate Program policy. 

Do you have any other questions?

Im happy to answer them! Write me at lucia@healthygoodiesbylucia.com

Terms & Conditions of the Ambassador Program 

Do you want feedback on your image?

For short/quick questions or help, please, share your image in the forum. For more complex review, please, submit your image for the Image Critique, and for feedback that would require a discussion, please, send your image for the live composition&editing calls.

Need a technical support?

If you need any help, or you see that something stopped working (happens sometimes :), email me at lucia@foodlight.io

Connect with other members

Visit our forum to connect with other members, exchange a constructive feedback and share your questions about content, courses, resources, etc... 

need more personalised help?

Join us live on any call to talk about your challenges (Access the live calls schedule) or book a 1-1 call with me and we will discuss your challenge directly there.