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How to Create Perfect


in Food Photography

We are celebrating 6 months since we opened our Members' Club!

and for this reason, we have prepared for you this amazing workshop "Master Perfect Flat lays in Food Photography", that will help you improve your food photography skills significantly and see the results in your images immediately. 

What you’ll learn in this free workshop:

About the gear and tools that help you achieve perfect flat lays

We will talk about different lenses for crop sensor or full frame cameras and other tools that help you make your flat lays technically perfect

How to work with the distortion in flat lays

Even if you can't eliminate it completely, I will show you tricks that help you reduce the distortion in your image

Composition Techniques That Add Interest And Depth To Your Flat Lays

I will show you techniques that help you add the interest and depth to your flat lay images 

tips & tricks for lighting 

I will also share a few tips and tricks about lighting in flat lays

Join the workshop challenge and Put In Practice What You Learn

The best way to acquire new skills is to put it into practice immediately what you learn and receive constructive feedback. By joining the workshop, you will have the access to my private community, where you can share your final image from the workshop assignment and receive a direct feedback from me. 

Workbook, constructive feedback on your image and exciting giveaways for you

During the workshop, you will learn a lot of things, therefore you will receive a workbook, that will help you follow the presentation.  

And because I really want you to get most out of this workshop, there will be an assignment for you - it will help you put in practice what you learn. Then, you will be able to share your image in our private community and receive a constructive feedback from me directly. 

1. Downloadable workbook

You will receive the workbook, that will help you follow the presentation, so that no information is lost. You will receive the workbook via email before the presentation begins. 

2. Access to our private community for your questions & constructive feedback

You will receive an access to our private community, where you can share your image from the workshop assignment and receive constructive feedback from me. I will be present in the community every day, so you can also share any questions you might have. 

3. Join giveaways on Instagram 

Don't miss amazing giveaways and a chance to win a free monthly access to our Members' Club! 

workshop is not available to watch at this moment, but will be soon. 

In the meantime, feel free to connect with me on instagram and let me know how I can help you with your food photos :)

Let me introduce myself, 

I am Lucia

Founder & Creator of Healthy Goodies by Lucia, the Members' Club

I am an award-winning, food photographer and founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia  I've helped thousand of food photographers make progress and learn new skills through my free Food Photography Learning Journey Program. I am also a Creator of our Members' Club, the most interactive online learning community for food photographers. 

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