How to Create Perfect FLAT LAYS in Food Photography


Grow your confidence about creating flat lays, get clarity about tools and other technical aspects of the equipment. Learn my tips & tricks about lighting or composition and see the behind-the-scenes of my images.

Do you feel stressed about flat lays because...

  • you don't know what the right equipment is
  • you are not sure if you have the right tools to create flat lays
  • confused about the technical side of photography, such as distortion or depth of field
  • you don't know if you are doing it the right way

Imagine yourself going from 

  • confused to be clear on how to create flat lays in food photography
  • overwhelmed about your equipment and be clear about what the tools you use
  • not knowing even why, to knowing exactly what&why you have to do to create perfect flat lays
  • doubting yourself to be confident about creating flat lays!

This class is for:  

  • everyone who struggles with creating flat lays and is happy to learn and improve their skills
  • everyone who has just started with food photography now, and is excited to learn a lot of new things
  • intermediate or advanced food photographers, who are always looking for an opportunity to learn something new
  • anyone, who just wants to get inspired and be part of our community 

What you’ll learn in this class

Tools You Can't Miss When Creating Flat Lays

We will talk about the basic tools you should have for creating flat lays. We will also cover the budget to see, how much it all actually costs.

all the technical aspects of flat lays

Cameras, lenses, distortion, depth of field, ... It is all connected and after the workshop, it will all make sense!

Mistakes you probably do when creating flat lays

Mistakes are great! They give us the opportunity to learn and improve. I made these mistakes when I started out and you might probably do them too! No judgment there at all! After this class, all will become clear :)

tips & tricks for lighting, Composition or Editing

Composition or Lighting is not the easiest thing when it comes to Flat Lays! We will cover some of the tricks I apply to my images.

Behind The Scenes Of My Flat Lay Images - Get That Blurry Hands In The Frame!

I will show you practical examples of how I create my flat-lay images. You will look behind the scenes and we will also cover how to create those blurred hands in a frame :)

Workbook and a constructive feedback on your image

The class will be filled with insights and very valuable information. Therefore, we prepared all these things that will help you stay focused and get most out of this class. 

1. Downloadable workbook

You will receive the workbook, that will help you follow the presentation so that no information is lost. You will receive the workbook in an email before the presentation begins.

2. A private group, where you receive feedback 

You will receive access to our private community where you can share your image from the workshop assignment and receive constructive feedback from me. I will be present in the community every day, so you can also share any questions you might have.

And because I really want you to get the most out of this workshop, there will be an assignment for you: it will help you put what you learned into practice. Then you can share your image in our private community and receive constructive feedback from me directly.

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