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Members' Marketplace

Welcome to the Marketplace! Here, you can review the profile of the person, see the services and prices. If you want to get in contact, please, write directly to the email address you find below. 

1. The Members' Marketplace is exclusive to the active members of our Members' Club only. Active members can search in the marketplace, and only active members can publish their profiles. Once, the profile is published, but the member becomes in-active (that means, the membership is cancelled), their profile will be deleted from the Marketplace. Once such members leaves the Members' Club, she/he loses the access to the Marketplace too. 

2. The Marketplace is for free - members don't pay for publishing their profile. FOODlight doesn't take any commissions from the sales made within the Marketplace. The mission of the Marketplace to help our active members start their business, grow their sales and have the opportunity to find the right help to outsource the activities they feel overwhelmed with. 

3. Members that want to publish their profile must fill in the application form, which will be reviewed by Lucia and her team. We will do the check to maintain the quality of services offered in the Marketplace. After the approval of the profile, we will publish it in the Marketplace and inform the member about it. 

4. FOODlight doesn't take any responsibility for the services, cooperations or payments between members. Members can contact each other without informing FOODlight team about it, and the payments are done between members too. FOODlight doesn't issue any invoice for the services of the Marketplace, doesn't provide any inter-payments, and is not involved in any other way. 

5. Members that search specific service, can contact the person they want to collaborate with directly. The contact information are provided on the profiles of members (offering service). 

6. I will never share your private information anywhere else outside our Members' Club (especially not with any third parties). We might only show your profile to help you get more visibility among our members. We might promote your profile on social media or blog, when talking about our Members' Club and the Marketplace. We will never share your fees publicly, as we are aware that the prices inside our Members' Club and what you offer externally might differ :)

7. For any questions, you can contact Lucia at lucia@foodlight.io or Tatiana at tatiana@foodlight.io. 

Do you want feedback on your image?

For short/quick questions or help, please, share your image in the forum. For more complex review, please, submit your image for the Image Critique, and for feedback that would require a discussion, please, send your image for the live composition&editing calls.

Need a technical support?

If you need any help, or you see that something stopped working (happens sometimes :), email me at lucia@foodlight.io

Connect with other members

Visit our forum to connect with other members, exchange a constructive feedback and share your questions about content, courses, resources, etc... 

need more personalised help?

Join us live on any call to talk about your challenges (Access the live calls schedule) or book a 1-1 call with me and we will discuss your challenge directly there.