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Hey there! I am Lucia, 

a Food Photographer, behind Healthy Goodies by Lucia. Currently based in Turin, Italy, but originally from Slovakia. My mission is to help you create food photography images, you dream of, while having fun and being part of amazing community of like-minded creatives from all over the world.


I didn't start my professional career in Food Photography. Infact, I've worked in a corporate environment in the last 8 years. I started working for an international start-up focusing on Executive Search in Bratislava, after completing university of Economics & Management. Not so long after, the company started growing and in 2015 I came to Italy to open a new subsidiary in Milan. As typical for start-up environment, I covered so many roles during that period, such as sales, business development, project management, accounting with an external help, while working on completing executive search projects for our clients. After that, I moved to Turin and started working in human resources of a large corporation. A change from a start-up to multinational corporation isn't always easy, so I started my food blog, which was in the beginning of 2018. 

I've bought my first DSLR camera at the end of 2018, and started learning about photography. At least, I tried! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was often overwhelming and confusing when starting alone, but I fell in love with it completely. I couldn't stop learning and joined some courses, watched hundreds of videos, read hundreds of articles, and then practiced, practiced and practiced.

And then, it came....


In 2020, I got  shortlisted in the category of Food Blogger by the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020. I I also joined International Food Photography Awards of Foodelia, where I won a couple of awards later on. This was the turning point when everything changed. I started blogging about photography and my blog got new directions. I realised I can combine my passion for food photography together with my previous corporate experience. This was how I created my free program for my subscribers - which consists of identifying food photography goals and skills needed to achieve them, my educational newsletters (with the theory) and food photography challenges (where all this is applied into practice). 

Thefeedfeed.com Healthy Goodies by Lucia

After a few months, my challenge became very popular and currently we have more than 1300 entries each month! My Instagram grew, my subscribers learned so many things this year and I couldn't be happier and more grateful to see the progress they made.

All this led me to create a Membership Community, which will open its door from December! It's so exciting! So stay tuned, because big and great things are coming! 

If you want to work with me, visit my portfolio site, or send me an email to healthygoodiesbylucia@gmail.com or a message via instagram.   

Some other facts about me:

  • I love teaching. Always loved. In the past I wanted to become a university teacher! ๐Ÿ™‚ 
  • and also love coaching a lot! The biggest reward for me is to see how the person I coached grows 
  • I speak 4 languages - Slovak&Czech, English and Italian too
  • living in Italy was my dream since university. Literally I haven't thought about any other alternative. Believe in your dream, believe it will happen. If you do so, it will!
  • when I don't shoot food, I photograph cars, especially vintage Porsche models! 

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