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My name is Lucia Marecak and I am based in Turin, Italy.

I am a Food & Still Life PhotographerRecipe Developer and Food Blogger.

I love working with creatives, who are passionate about food photography and are eager to learn and improve their skills.

 My mission is to help them create beautiful images, full of storytelling, and be more creative and confident about their skills in food photography. 


I come from Slovakia, a little country in the heart of Europe and I moved to Italy when I was 27.

I’ve lived in Bratislava, Milan, and today, I live in Turin. My background is in Management, and I have been working for different start-ups or multinational corporations. All my experience has thought me a lot and has helped me to become a person I am today. 

I value creativity, honest work, sincere friendships & feedback, challenges that help you grow, and a positive attitude.

I  love...

images that tell a story and evoke emotions

food, cooking, baking, or talking about it for hours

flowers and plants, transforming homes into little jungle

the smell of jasmin and lilac

travelling and road trips with our car and friends 

visiting Switzerland, France or Italy

 mountains and forest, its fresh air

preparing dinners for our guests or baking something sweet, and bringing it to our friends. 


I discovered my photography passion in 2019. I had dreamed for a long time about starting a food blog, but I had never imagined to become so passionate about food photography. I have learned and practiced very intensively in the last years, and all this led me to what I do now. 

 I am very proud of my achievements: I was shortlisted in category Food Blogger by the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020,  won the 54th edition of Foodelia - International Food Photography Awards and my recipes were featured by a global recipe online platform - The Feed Feed. Healthy Goodies by Lucia

If you want to work with me, visit my Photography Page, or send me an email to or a message via instagram.   


What my blog is about

I love creating healthier recipes: classic one, using whole-wheat flours, gluten-free, dairy-free or naturally sweetened. 

I support healthy lifestyle in order to feel happy and balanced.

I share a lot of insights, behind the scenes, hints&tips from food photography through blog posts, but mainly through my newsletters. 

You grow if you challenge yourself. My challenges offer a  space full of creativity, support and inspirations. 


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