Instagram Resources

How to use Instagram?

nstagram is a social media channel for posting images and videos called reels. There are many ways of growing an audience there, and it takes a lot of time to get a rhythm and keep it. But we are here to make your life easier on Instagram.

So let’s take a look at Instagram and see what we can create for the month of February! We have gathered facts to inspire you on what to create this month. But we also have given you a few examples for captions and what hashtags to use with those captions.

Why should you have Instagram?

Instagram is an excellent way of building an audience, following brands you would like to work with, and follow people that you like or that inspire you. But it;s also a great way to show yourself and your skills, create a sort of a portfolio an build your brand.

On Instagram you can create a business profile that gives you multiple possibilities, like put your website link, name and address, your phone number, you can add a shop and you kan keep track of your profile insights.

What have we created for you this month?

We also have created a calendar in this template for you to post, canva templates with graphics for posts and stories and some blocks to unleash your creativity! Feel free to change this template to your desire!

What steps should you take?

Plan out your month and work in advance if possible. We recommend planning your days on the calendar below and writing your projects on the desired days. You can also look for challenges on Instagram to participate in and write them down in the calendar below so you never miss out on one.

Keep promoting yourself and your work, so make sure you work in advance when wanting to create projects or take part in challenges.

Download the resources below

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Instagram Captions

Template in Notion

Access the templates for Instagram captions, copy the template and start using it

Instagram graphics 

templates in Canva

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