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This course will help you identify your ideal client, in other words, brands you want to work with. This is very important to define at the beginning of your food photography journey. Making it clear, will help you focus your energy and time on building the perfect portfolio that will attract your ideal client.

This course will also give you an overview of the different stages of a collaboration with a brand, and we will focus on the very initial stage – looking for a brand and engaging with them.

As engaging with brands is already a part of the selling process, we will also talk about the basics of organization and systems, that help you manage and organize your work. Having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is very important, but when starting your journey,  you don’t necessarily need advanced paid softwares for this. Therefore, I will show you simple but effective tools that help you manage your clients effectivity, without additional costs for you.

Meet The Featured expert 

Fanette a food and product photographer helping eco-friendly and sustainable brands spread their message with beautiful, light-filled images. 

She built her signature course: EDIT FRAMEWORK, where she shows photographers how to craft an exceptional client experience and how to use powerful resources and tools to help them streamline their work, so they can focus on what’s truly important.

The next opening of her course EDIT FRAMEWORK will be in March/April. If you are interested in learning more about how to craft an exceptional client experience, make sure to check it.

Fanette Rickert

Food & Product Photographer

She likes to say that food photography is her fourth career and she often feels like her previous day-jobs have all helped her become the successful business owner she is today. 

For 7 years as a high-level Executive Assistant, she learned organization, time and priorities management and how to create systems. 

As a graphic designer and Creative Director she learned how to use fonts, colors and photos to create beautiful brands, but also that branding is not only a logo. It’s the client experience as a whole and that every touchpoint needs to be thought of.

Last but not least, her time as a scuba diver instructor and dive shop manager in Thailand {you read that right} taught her that the customer experience is everything.

Each of them taught her very different life skills and valuable lessons that she brings together in one course, to help you create your own successful business.

You can connect with her on instagramher website .

You will learn in this course:

  • You will get clear about who your ideal client is and how to find them,
  • You will know your Unique Value Proposition, 
  • how to build the perfect food photography portfolio,
  • how to organize yourself and keep track of brands you want to work with.
  • Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    Introduction to the theme

    2. Your Ideal Client

    Lesson 1: Identify your ideal client and your unique value proposition

    Lesson 2: How to find your ideal client

    Lesson 3: How to use Linkedin to find the right contact person

    3. Build the perfect portfolio

    Lesson 1: How to create the perfect portfolio

    Lesson 2: Start building your portfolio today

    4. Organization and systems 

    Lesson 1: Organization and systems + an assignment

    Lesson 2: How to use Trello for client process management

    Lesson 3: How to use google spreadsheet for client process management

    About the author

    Lucia Marecak - a food photographer, founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia and food photography teacher at HG Members Club, the most interactive learning platform for food photographers. Ex Human Resources Manager, today creating an amazing and inspiring community for food photographers, helping them to take their skills to the next level, be more creative & confident and create an amazing photography business of their dreams.


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