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August 29, 2022

Goal Setting for September

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During this call, we spoke about setting your goals for August. 

  • What I wanted to encourage you for this session is to create your vision board. This vision board will be about your ideal life in the future. Based on this, you can start working towards creating the business model that works for you. 
  • If you want to be more flexible and be able to move, travel without scarifying your job, think about what kind of business model might fit your needs. Do you need online projects, so you can travel and secure your income every month? 
  • Diversifying your services is the key to create a stable business. You are a food photographer, but you don't need to work 100% on food photography project. Your income can come from various sources - coaching, e-books, e-cook books, selling digital files, create courses, presets, serve clients online - social media, or any other creative consultancy. 
  • When thinking about various services or products - think about what do you love and what you are good at? You don't need to be an expert for this particular thing now, but you will develop your skills in time.
  • It can take 2 years to learn something new - so you can start offering your new skill after. It will take you about 2 years - fully concentrating your energy into creating your ideal business model. 
  • You can use August for designing your business - start with a vision board, look at it every morning so you have a motivation to work hard and with a focus every day. Then, start thinking about your model of your business - how much % of your revenue do you want to have from food photography projects? How much % from other services? Based on your ideal model, you can create your agenda, where you dedicate proper time to your own personal development in those areas. 
  • Set for yourself up to 3 goals you want to accomplish in August. What activities do you want to work on?  

This is my vision board I created at the in January 2020. I got clear idea about how I want my business to look like in the future - there is still a lot to achieve, but already now, my business is about 70-80% online, that I can run from any place in the world - while travelling or being on vacations. 

During the call, we also spoke about clients and how to answer if: 

  • client asks you, if they can share your photo of their product for free 12:50
  • client asks you to do a shoot for exchange for a product 
  • how to pitch creatively - 29:29
  • and about the importance of creating your LinkedIn profile 🙂 with all the important keywords 

I Opened the forum GOAL SETTING conversation, if you want to keep accountable and share your goals, ask any questions, visit the discussion on this link

And here, below, you can find some tips for what you need to plan & review in various areas of your creative business.

In this image below, you can find each area in detail - questions that will help you set your goals better.

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