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Congratulations on your decision to join our Members' Club! You are part of our food photography family and I am so happy about it! I want to let you know that I believe in you and I am here for you.

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Your dashboard

Your dashboard the the place, where you can find the latest resources, and live calls schedule of the current month. 

From the menu, then, you can access all other resources in the Members' Club - courses, masterclasses, image critiques, or live calls replay.


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Every month, our calendar is full of live calls. Join us to engage with other members, ask questions and get support. Follow our calendar, or add events into yours, and never miss any live event. 


Engage with other members 

Head to our Members' Club forum, engage with other members, and share any questions, your images for a feedback, let us know about your wins or doubts you might have. 


Start learning and progressing

It's time to start learning! So exciting! Decide on what specifically you wish to learn in the next 30 days, and the quiz will guide you to the right resources inside our Members' Club!

Each month inside our Members' Club

Below, you can learn how each month inside our Club looks like. Each month is very interactive, and insightful.

Courses - Healthy Goodies by Lucia Members' Club


A new course focusing on a specific topic, or 3-4 experts invited inside our Members' Club. This will help you improve your skills and knowledge about photography or business.


Our networking live calls are happening after the first week of a new month. These are networking live calls, and we discuss various food photography topics.  


A new masterclass is usually added in the third week of each month. Masterclasses are 30-50 minutes videos, focusing on composition, lighting or editing. The goal of the masterclass is to show you an entire photoshoot in practice.


In the last week of each month, we have our Goal setting & coaching calls. During these calls, I help you prepare an action plan for the following month, that will help you achieve amazing results in your photography or business.

Goal setting & coaching call

How to... 

... receive feedback on your work

You can receive a feedback on your work in our forum, during our live networking calls (we do have a live group feedback on the images or portfolio), in  our image critiques videos, or during our Goal setting & Coaching calls, happening every month.

30 days of progress with the right resources

... know what is the right resource for you to study

For this reason, I built the quiz that will show you the right resources for you. The quiz will help you get results you wish for in the next 30 days. Any area you wish to improve, you will find in this quiz. And, if you have any other question, just ask me about your next resource to study inside our FORUM!

... find various resources in the Club

Watch this video, where I guide you through our Members' Club, explaining how the club is structured, and where you can find all our resources. 

Curious about the monthly topics for 2022?

Every month in our Members' Club is different, and below, you can see the topics for the rest of 2022. Each month, we focus on learning a specific skill, so you have time to dive deep into learning, have time to practice, without feeling overwhelmed.

July - How to write cook books

This month is dedicated to conversations with various experts - food photographers and bloggers who have published the cook book. We will talk about their experience, how the cook book writing and publishing process looks like, how to collaborate with a publisher, and, you will learn what to do if you want to publish a cook book one day. 

August - How to create a brand for your photography, blog or business

In August, you will learn how to create a brand for your blog or photography business. Branding is so important, it is the first thing your customers and clients see when coming to you. It makes them form the first opinion about yourself, and the course will help you create amazing and professional brand your clients and customers will love. 

September - Creating blogs on wordpress

Blogging is the key for all food bloggers and food photographers. Through your blog, you communicate with your audience. Everyone needs to have a website, simple or more complex, and in September, you will learn how to create a blog on Wordpress and the basics of SEO. 

October - Advanced composition techniques

October will be dedicated to some other advanced composition techniques that will help you create harmonious images. 

November - Pinterest for growing your blog

Pinterest is a gold mine is you have a food blog. As you need to be on google, so people can search your recipes and find you online, you need to be on Pinterest. It's not a social media, but a visual search engine. Pinterest is a long term game, and in November, you will learn how to grow your blog with this tool. 

December - Interviews with experts

How best is to end this year than talking to other experts and getting inspired by their stories. December will be focused on mindset, on charging the inspiration, energy to feel great, get new ideas and create an amazing plan for 2023. 

More exciting topics to come in 2023

Our Members' Club will continue in 2023 with new topics that will be announced towards the end of 2022.

That's all you need to know, 

See you soon on our live calls or in the forum!

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