Freebie – Gluten-free recipe collection for Christmas and winter season

by Lucia

Christmas is my favourite period of year. I love so much gatherings, spending time with family and friends, cooking and baking and having a nice time. And thinking about Christmas, this is how this Mini Recipe collection for Christmas and winter season was born. 

Christmas should not be an exception, why to break the habits of eating healthy. So I wanted to develop these recipes in a healthier and more nutrient way and keep the ingredients as simple and less processed as possible. 

I create a bean butter instead of using a classic one. I don’t use any white sugar; but I substitute it with cane sugar (light brown or raw) or I use dry dates as a natural sweetener.  90% of the time I work with beans or chickpeas as the main ingredients, to add additional minerals and nutrients into the dish. 

Mini Recipe Collection for winter and Christmas | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

What you can find inside

There are 5 delicious recipes, all gluten-free, most of them also diary-free.

They are divided into:

  • 1 for a snack or as a main dish, 
  • a recipe for a ginger syrup you can prepare as a digestion drink after meal, add it into the tea or drink a little bit every morning. It’s great for cold winter days. 
  • 3 sweet recipes for desserts 
Mini Recipe Collection for winter and Christmas | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

The recipes in the collection are

  • 3 desserts, 1 recipe as a snack or as a main dish and 1 drink
  • Gluten-free
  • Mostly diary-free
  • Nut-free
  • Nutrient and healthy
  • Great and suitable for all family
  • Beautiful and worth of being at the Christmas table

How this recipe collection was born

This recipe collection is literally my little dream that came true. I have been dreaming about my own cookbook since I entered into the world of food blogging. So, earlier in November I got an idea to write a mini e-book that would be about Christmas and winter recipes. But, I have never done it and I didn’t know how to start and what to do.

I put the idea on a paper and wrote a plan – 1 month and 5 recipes to go. I will write a new article about how I created this e-book, so stay in touch if you are interested in learning how. And if you also dream about a book to write, I will share in the article my exact plan in trello! That way, you know exactly what to do and you keep a track of all your activities from the idea creation till the end.

Mini Recipe Collection for winter and Christmas | Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Interested in this free Mini Recipe Collection

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Let me know if you try some of the recipes from this Mini Recipe Collection! You can tag  #healthygoodiesbylucia on instagram and I will be very happy to see and share your photo in my stories! 

All images (are from this Mini Recipe Collection) & content are copyright. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to re-publish this recipe, please link this post for the recipe. Thank you for your support!

About the Author:
About the Author:

Hi there! My name is Lucia, a recipe developer and food photographer behind this blog. I love eating healthy and nutrient eats, it helps me to stay fit, have a lot of energy and feel great. And for this reason I share with you all my favourite recipes. My goal is to inspire you to eat in a better and healthier way and show you how amazing legumes are!

Recipe development & photography & styling for this Mini Recipe Collection for Christmas and winter season are made by Lucia Marecak @healthygoodiesbylucia

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