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Define your food photography goals for this year and learn about composition, light, colors or storytelling.  

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Did you know that after approx. two weeks, we remember only 10% of what we had read, but 75% of what we had put into practice?

...this is why this program was born....

Food Photography Learning Journey is a FREE e-mail based program designed for creatives, who are at the beginning or at an intermediate level of their food photography journey and want to learn more and improve their skills significantly.

This program combines two learning processes: reading and practicing by doing.

And the aim is to help you achieve your dream skills in Food Photography.


You will learn...

    How to create a moodboard and analyse it
    How to define your Food Photography SMART goals and how to prepare an Action plan 
    How to work with light to create bright and dark images 
  • Color theory, Color psychology and how to work with color schemes
  • And how to tell a story through images

How it works?


Join me now and define your goals

in Food Photography 

Tomorrow, analyse your weaknesses and prepare an Action plan to turn them into super-powers


Then, every week, learn something new from my


To maximaze your learning experience, join my challenges and put everything into practice


How it works?


Join me now and define your goals in Food Photography 

To maximize your learning experience, join my challenges and put everything into practice


After, analyze your weaknesses and prepare an Action plan to turn them into super-powers


Then, every week, learn somethingnew from my newsletters


In this program, you will...

Goal setting in Food Photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Set your goals in 

Food Photography

What is the Food Photography style you dream of? What images do you wish to create one day? Defining specific goals is the most important step if you want to take your photography to the next level. This workbook will guide you step by step in understanding what your goals are. 


Turn your weaknesses

into super-powers

What is the difference between your current and dream style? What do you have to learn in order to get there? 

This workbook will help you analyze it and will guide you to prepare an Action Plan to achieve your photography goals.

Action Plan in Food Photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia
Insights and Behind the Scenes of Food Photography - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Learn something new

every week 

Improve your photography skills every week with new useful tips from my newsletters. These newsletters are full of valuable insights about photography, practical tips and my behind-the-scenes images. 


Put everything

into practice

To maximize your learning experience, join my free Food Photography Challenges on Instagram. There is a new challenge every month, focusing on learning something very specific in Food Photography. Just head to our challenge hashtag #capturelearnandinspire and see thousands of stunning entries!


This program is for creatives who

    are at the beginning of their Food Photography journey, but they already know the basics (camera settings or the rule of thirds, etc...)
    are at the intermediate level and they are looking for more advanced topics
  • have already been in the Food Photography game for some time but they feel stuck and they need a kick of positive energy and inspiration

What my subscribers are saying?


"Thank you for your precious information as well for your plan to improve my photography skills. From what I understand, you can explain so well and give me hope and freedom to learn more"


"Amazing information! I’m looking forward to more of your newsletters, I find your explanations and insights one of the best I’ve had so far in relation to food photography. Thank you! 

I’ll be participating in your monthly collaborations, hoping to apply and learn new things!"



Meet the host

Lucia Marecak

My name is Lucia, I am Slovak, but based in Turin, Italy. I am a food, still life photographer & educator, and a blogger at  Healthy Goodies by Lucia. I was shortlisted in the category Food Blogger - Pink Lady Food Photographer 2020 and I won a couple of Foodelia International Food Photography Awards.

In my corporate career, I've specialized in creating various learning projects, coaching new employees and managing complex talent acquisition processes in start-ups and multinational corporations.

I am a self-made food photographer and I know how hard it is to start something new. There is so much to learn and it can often lead to burning out or struggling for years to achieve your goals. I went through this, yet I managed to find a way how to make constant progress and see the results in a short period of time.


Have you got any questions?


How long does the program last?


The program is going to last until 15 Dicember 2021. Then, it will start again in January with new and fresh content. 


Can I join the challenges without subscribing?

Yes, you can, the challenges are free to join. However you would miss having important additional information about the challenges, all the insights and behind-the-scenes images I share exclusively in my newsletters.


After I subscribe, is it obligatory to join the challenges?


No, the program is on a voluntary base. You can join the challenge if you want and if you have time. You can skip one and join the next one. It's totally up to you. 


Can I participate in the previous challenges?

Absolutely YES! Even if the challenge ends officially, you can still participate in the previous ones. The challenges are not to compete but to learn something new. 

After you create your entry, you can still post it on Instagram and mention the title and task of the challenge.


Where can I find more information about the previous challenges?

You can find all my challenges on the blog, linked here.


Is the content of the newsletters saved, so I can access it anytime?


Yes, the content of the newsletters is saved In my VIP e-library. You will receive the link to my e-library after you subscribe.


Can I join the program at any time?


Yes, the program is opened during the whole year and you can join anytime. Once you are in, you will go through the Goal setting (step1) and Action plan (step2) and you will start receiving my newsletters. If you want to review all our previous newsletters, you will find them in my VIP e-LIbrary. 


Are there any bonuses after subscribing?


Yes! You will have a free access to my VIP e-library, where you find my freebies: How to work with light in Food Photography and a pdf of My 14 Most Used Lightroom Shortcuts, Guide: How to grow your Instagram and all my previous food photography newsletters.


If I am already subscribed, do I have to do it again to join this program?


No, you don't need to subscribe again if you did it in the past. You will find the workbooks for this program in our VIP e-Library too.


I want to join, but I don't have much time to follow the steps. Is it better to subscribe now or later?


You are free to subscribe when you can. The program will be opened during the whole year. However, if you wait and subscribe later, you will miss the insights we discuss in the meantime. I recommend to join now, so you receive my newsletters and when you have more time, you can complete STEP 1 and STEP 2.


Where I find my workbooks for step 1 and step 2?


This is an e-mail based program, which means it doesn't run on any course platform, but I will sending you newsletters through the whole program. So, after you subscribe, you will receive a presentation of the program, where you can download your Goal Setting workbook and the Action Plan workbook.

Do you have any other questions? You can write me an email at healthygoodiesbylucia (at)

or send me a message on Instagram, and I will gladly answer. 

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Are you ready to take your

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