Food Photo Tournament - April 2021

Welcome in our first Food Photo Tournament in April 2021. Thank you everyone who participated on the team assignments and who joined the call too. Your work was amazing and I am very proud of you! Below, you can review your group assignments, and watch the replay of the Tournament live call.

Your assignment

What was your task

Your task (as a team) was to create a triptych, (a series of 3 images) for the theme assigned to each group. Each team member created 1 image and then, these images were  put together as the triptych for the team.

All 3 images are different in some way, but they have to speak about the same story when put together. They have to have the same mood, the same colors, the same editing, but each image should capture a different part of the story. 

Each team  then presented their work and each participant voted for the best team. 

At the end of the tournament, we announced top 3 teams.

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What is Triptych?

A triptych (pronounced Trip’tik), is a group of three images that interpret one story.

The subject of a triptych is an important defining characteristic. The pictures should have a common theme. This could be a story, similar compositional elements, colours, similar subject matter – anything that draws the pictures together as a group.

Themes for group assignments and final images 

Watch the replay of our live call 

And, the winning teams are

The first place - Food Photo Tournament
Second place - Food Photo Tournament
the third place - Food Photo Tournament

Preparation & planning phase for this Tournament

Step 1. - Team preparation & planning

It's very important that each team will plan the theme and the images each team member will create. You can meet as a team together to discuss and plan how you want to execute the theme. Here, decide about: the 3 images each partcipant will create, the mood, the feeling, colors, ingredients, camera angles, editing style...  You can download the cheatsheet below to help you with the assignment.

Step 2. - Team work - creating the images

Each team member will create the images they agreed on with the team. You will have 3 weeks for it. You can create a team name, and decide who is a team leader. Then, each team leader will send me all 3 images to my email: The deadline for sending me the images is: 13 April.

Step 3. - Team presentation on our live call

We will meet live on 17 April and each team will have 10 minutes for the presentation of their images. Please, tell us more about the theme, why you decided to go such such a mood, subject, what emotions you were trying to create, etc... During the call, each participant will vote for the winning team and I will announce winners at the end of the call. 

Schedule of the Tournament

The Food Photo Tournament might take about 2 hours (as our usual calls). You can see the schedule of games & activities we will go through. 

1. Presentation of the group assignments

We will go through the presentation of the group assignments - themes. I will share them on my screen and the team will have 10 minutes to talk about what they were creating. After finishing the presentation, each member will vote for the winner team. 

2. Other Games

We will play other games as well. I will show you one image and you will decide if the image is shot with: Natural/Artificial light, Crop sensor/Full frame/Mobile. This will not be counted in the final vote, it's just for fun :) 

3. Winners announcement 

At the end, we will announce the winning team from the group assignment. Voting will be during the live call, after the presentations.

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to share them in our Facebook group, send me an email to or we discuss them during the live calls. 

Can't wait to See you at the tournament!

Date and time: 17 April at 14:00 Italy time

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