JULY 2021

Welcome to our second Food Photo Tournament in July 2021, where this time, 

we are going to create our first Food Magazine of the Members' Club. 

Replay the tournament - PART 1 & PART 2 

If you watch the replay and you haven't voted for the PART 2 yet - please, click here and give your votes to our 4 teams.

Useful links from the discussion with Deborah:

Your assignment

What is your task

Your task (as a team) will be to create 3 magazine pages - including the content creation, recipe development, creating the layout & design your pages and make images of the recipes & story you will write about. 

Each team will be free to decide how they split the tasks between themselves - whether you will divide each member one page, or you will assign tasks based on the skills of your team members - one will create the recipe, another will make the layout & design of the pages and the third member will create needed images. 

What the assignment will include

Each team will receive a specific topic, and is free to decide what content they will create. The assignment must have 3 pages, and it's up to teams whether they will create 3 simple recipes (one for each page), or they will do one recipe on three pages - story of the recipe (1st page), ingredients list (2nd page), instructions & final dish (3rd page).

Then, each team will follow these steps

Step 1 - planning & content creation

 In this phase, plan and discuss with your team the theme and the content. Divide the roles within the team and write & finalise all the written content for the project.

You will have two weeks to do this part of the task.

step 2 - design & layout

Once the content if finalised and ready, you will access canva your templates and write the content there directly. Your role will be to adjust the layout of the templates to your content. You can move/adjust/delete something you don't need.

step 3 - photography

After the layout in Canva is done, you will download it as a PNG with the transparent background and use this layout for creating images via tethering. 

If you have never tethered, you will learn how to do it in our July's course.

step 4 - put it all together

After you complete images for your assignment, you will put upload the images to Canva and add them to your template. Then, you will download your 3 pages and send it to for the tournament call - DDL for sending final assignments is July 7 2021

step 5 - live presentation

As a team, you will present your project and tell us more about what you created. Each team will have about 10 minutes max to speak about your work. 

Live call will be on July 10, 2021 at 14:00. If you can't attend live, the replay of the call will be saved in the Club after.

Schedule of the Tournament

The Food Photo Tournament might take about 2 hours. You can see the schedule of games & activities we will go through. 

1. Presentation of the group assignments

We will go through the presentation of the group assignments - themes. I will share them on my screen and the team will have 10 minutes to talk about what they were creating. After finishing the presentation, each member will vote for the winner team.  The winning team will be featured on the cover of this magazine. 

2. Other Games & interviews

We will play other games as well as the last time. This will not be counted in the final vote, it's just for fun :) and, we have a few members that were already featured in a few magazines, so they will share their experience with all of us :)

3. Winners announcement 

At the end, we will announce the winning team from the group assignment. Voting will be during the live call, after the presentations. The winning team will have their work on the cover page :)

Teams & themes 

The main team of the magazine issue will be: Food connects us.

As the magazine will serve your audience too, let me know if the topics fits you and your audience. We are coming from all parts of world, and I want this magazine to show your traditions, cultures, how we eat in different continents, and show how the food can connects us all. 

  1. 1
    Silvana, Honey, Wambugi
    Topic: Mornings for family - link to your template 
  2. 2
    Daniela, Johncie, Lisa
    Topic: Lunch in summer  - link to your template
  3. 3
    Kasia, Petra, Alessia
    Topic: Guests are coming  - link to your template
  4. 4
    Vanessa, Sabna, Deborah
    Topic: One food - 3 continents and link to your template
  5. 5
    Prathi, Aisha, Veera
    Topic: Childhood food memories link to your template
  1. 6
    Monika, Cristiana, Carrie
    Topic: Family dinners in different parts of the world - link to your template
  2. 7
    Sakthi, Abantika, Angela
    Topic: Is the aperitivo time only in Italy?  - link to your template
  3. 8
    Luisa, Aparna, Linda
    Topic: Food for hot summer days and link to your template
  4. 9
    Liliana, Ashima, Nisha
    Topic: Time for a dessert and link to your template
  5. 10
    Raquel, Cornelia, Hajar
    Topic: June's harvest and link to your old template and to the new template from 16 July.

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to share them in our Facebook group, send me an email to or we discuss them during the live calls. 

Can't wait to See you at the tournament!

Date and time: 24 July at 14:00 Italy time
Meeting ID: 954 6820 8328
Passcode: 371965

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