December 2022

Welcome to our third Food Photo Tournament in May 2022 - creating our 4th issue of the  magazine of the Members' Club!

Watch the replay of our Tournament - December 2022

Vote for the best team on this link. Please, assign from 1(min) to 5 (max) points in each category: Photography, Page design & layout, Content, Overall look.

Teams and their pages: 







Your assignment

What is your task

Your task (as a team) will be to create 3 magazine pages - including the content creation, recipe development, creating the layout & design your pages and make images of the recipes & story you will write about. 

Each team will be free to decide how they split the tasks between themselves - whether you will divide each member one page, or you will assign tasks based on the skills of your team members - one will create the recipe, another will make the layout & design of the pages and the third member will create needed images. 

What the assignment will include

Each team has a specific topic, and is free to decide what content they will create. It's up to teams whether they will create 3 simple recipes (one for each page), or they will do one recipe on three pages - story of the recipe (1st page), ingredients list (2nd page), instructions & final dish (3rd page). The number of pages corespondents to the number of team members. (2 pages for a team of 2 members, 3 pages for a team of 3 members).

Then, each team can follow these steps

Step 1 - planning & content creation

 In this phase, plan and discuss with your team the theme and the content. Divide the roles within your team and write & finalise all the written content for the project.

step 2 - design & layout

Once the content if finalised and ready, you can access  your templates in canva and write the content there directly. In Canva, you can create any kind of layout you want. You can move/adjust/delete anything you don't need.

step 3 - photography

After your layout in Canva is finalised, you can use it for creating images for your pages. You can download the layout as a PNG with the transparent background and use this layout while tethering. 

If you have never tethered, please, access this course inside our Members' Club.

step 4 - put it all together

After you complete images for your assignment, you can  upload them to Canva and add them to your template. Then, download your 3 pages and send them to lucia@healthygoodiesbylucia.com. DDL for sending your final pdf of the project is 1 week before the live Tournament.

step 5 - live presentation

As a team, you will present your project and tell us more about what you created. Each team will have about 10 minutes to speak about your magazine pages. 

Live call will be at the beginning of December. If you can't attend live, the replay of the call will be saved in the Club after. 

A few recommendations for the assignments

  • I recommend creating layout with the text first, then doing photography. You can use that layout while tethering, so your image will perfectly fit into your page
  • access the course about tethering and creating your layouts here
  • Create more final images - if you cook & shoot a more complex recipe for this assignment, please, create a few process images too - we can use them in the magazine
  • Please, create images from different angles and perspectives too, it's good to have a variety of angles in the final magazine, therefore it will help if we can choose the final images
  • Also, please, create images with a few different compositions. We might need some extra images for different sections of the team introductions, or anywhere else
  • Remember to include more negative space. I recommend to move props around, take as many images as you can, including negative space, so we can use it for the text in the final magazine
  • Another composition which will help us a lot - is with the negative space in the middle. After you create your final dish, please, move the props and ingredients around the frame - leaving an empty space in the middle. This can become beautiful introduction image of your project
  • As soon as you complete the assignment, please, share with me the final images via we-transfer, together with a photo of yourself (if you haven't been featured in the previous issue or you want to change it) and the same for a brief description about yourself
  • Important: please, mention the type of recipe under your title: *vegetarian, *Vegan *Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Lactose-free or anything else.

Schedule of the Tournament - Live call

The Food Photo Tournament might take about 1,5 hours. You can see the schedule of games & activities we will go through. 

  • During the live call: live presentation of the team work & announcing winners
  • Magazine is published before Christmas

1. Presentation of the group assignments

We will go through the presentation of the group assignments - themes. I will share them on my screen and the team will have 10 minutes to talk about what they were creating. After all presentations, each member will assign points to each team. The categories will be: Layout, Content, Photography, All.  

2. Other Games & interviews

Then, we will have a few games. This will not be counted in the final vote, it's just for fun :) The games are going to be about guessing the author based on the images. I will share more about this soon.

3. Winners announcement 

At the end, we will announce the winning team. The winning team of "All" category will be featured on the cover of this magazine and will have a special pages for the interview about their photography & blogs. 

Teams & themes - registration

The main team of the magazine issue will be: Food connects us.

We are coming from all parts of world, and I want this magazine to show your traditions, cultures, how we eat in different continents, and show how the food can connects us all. 

TEAM 1: Monika, Honey, Hajar

Seasonal special in your countries - you are free to choose the recipes, please, focus on something traditional and include a story, so our readers can learn more about your cultures. 

TEAM 3: Susi, Jamie, Birgit Loit

Cookie box of cookies from different parts of the world - You can also split and each of you creates some cookie recipe. For the magazine, we can use Photoshop, to put together your cookies into a box, as "international cookie box" :) Or, easier option: those, who might have a box at home, can create cookies and photograph... I'll help you with retouching for the magazine.

TEAM 6: Alessandra, Anna, Kasia Faber

Hot cocktails for Christmas - alcoholic, non-alcoholic, the choice is yours! You can include cocktails for a cozy evenings, events, or family and friend meetings, the more cocktails the better :) When you photograph your cocktail, please, take one bright photo with a straight on angle, so I will create a photo in Photoshop to introduce the topic, where all your cocktails can be together :)

Individual: Carrie

SEASONAL SPECIAL IN YOUR COUNTRY - you are free to choose the recipe, please, focus on something traditional and include a story, so our readers can learn more about your culture.

Individual: Wambugi

SEASONAL SPECIAL IN YOUR COUNTRY - you are free to choose the recipe, please, focus on something traditional and include a story, so our readers can learn more about your culture.

TEAM 2: Georgia, Ana Rita, Daniela

Meals that warms your body and soul - the choice is yours - it can be something healthy, something that warms us during the cold days

TEAM 4: Valerie, Lina & Leonie, Sylwia

Winter meals on a budgetplease, include the costs of ingredients in the article, and it would be interesting to show 3 different recipes - as 3 cheap options to choose from. 

TEAM 5: Tatiana, Lotte, Katharina

Sparkles of the new year 2023how can we celebrate the new year, you can include some small appetisers, or cocktail recipes. You all come from Central Europe, maybe there is an interesting tradition you do in the New year? :)

Individual: Smitha

Seasonal special in your country - you are free to choose the recipe, please, focus on something traditional and include a story, so our readers can learn more about your culture.

Individual: Fiona

SEASONAL SPECIAL IN YOUR COUNTRY - you are free to choose the recipe, please, focus on something traditional and include a story, so our readers can learn more about your culture.

Individual: Veka

Yeast for celebration - what type of yeast baking can represent Christmas season or new year... 

Included in our next edition of the magazine

#2 Interview with the winners

We will do an interview with the winners of the "all" category - featuring your blogs, recipes, photography and services you provide.

#4 Food Photography tips

We will add food photography tips for every page you create, it will be a short block on each photograph, sharing a brief advice on how to photograph that specific subject and what helps to make it look delicious and beautiful.

#1 Featuring restaurants recommended by members

This is a great opportunity to develop a professional relationship with a location - bar or restaurant you wish to work with. You can contact your dream client, take a few images of the location, write a bit about them, and we will feature them in our magazine. 

#3 Individual contributors

You can join the magazine as an individual contributor, and create 1 or 2 pages. Individual contributors won't be included in the voting. 

Have you seen our previous issues?

Download our previous magazine to see what we created the last time 😍 

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to share them in our forum or we can discuss them during the live calls. 

Can't wait to see you at the Tournament!

Date and time:  December 3, 2 PM Italy time
Link for the calls will be provided before the event via newsletters of the Members' Club & via the dashboard

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