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Issue #1 SUMMER 2021 Magazine of the Healthy Goodies by Lucia  - Members' Club

FOOD CONNECTS US - Magazine #1 - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

What you find inside this issue

What you find inside this issue

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Author Lucia from Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Lucia is a food photographer and creator of the Healthy Goodies by Lucia & Members' Club - an interactive platform for food photographers from all over the world. Having a background in Human Resources, she is creating learning programs for food photographers and helping them build amazing food photography skills and business. 

Lucia Marecak

Director of the magazine, Founder of Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Deborah Lee is a food photographer and stylist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her background is in Communication and Publishing, having eight years of working experience in various top magazine publications in Malaysia. Her images evoke these three keywords: rustic, appetising, and beauty. Deborah believes there’s no right or wrong to make art; there’s only being true to oneself, one’s voice, style and creative vision. She blogs at

Deborah Lee

Art Direction of the magazine

Alessia lives near Turin, in northern Italy. In April 2020, she founded her food blog called 'Lasagne a Colazione' (which literally means 'lasagna for breakfast'!) where she shares her favourite recipes. Alessia loves making dishes that are both simple and creative. She enjoys recreating vintage recipes with a modern touch. The first month of 2021 kickstarted her journey in baking bread such as focaccia and sourdough. Follow her work at

Alessia Ronco

Editing of the magazine

and bloggers who contributed with amazing photography and recipes

Abantika Ghoshal - @pithepayeshpie

Aisha Ambreen - @mycozylittlekitchen

Alessia Ronco - @lasagneacolazione

Angela Telesca -  @angelatelesca_photo

Aparna Sankaran - @sankaranaparna

Belinda Hausner -  @belindathebaker

Cornelia Avenarius - @avena_photography

Cristiana Bucella - @two_cabbages_kitchen

Daniela Lambova - @daniscookings

Deborah Lee - @saveurmalaisie

Silvana Mattera - @a_life_inthesun

Hajar Benomar - @hajarbenomar

Honey Yehia - @thebakingboutique1

Johncie Correia - @jcs_curiouspalate

Kasia Selaszuk - @kasiaphotocreations

Liliana Lafranchi - @liliana.lafranchi

Linda Hermans - @lindahermansphotography

Lisa Acevedo - @mangoesandmaple

Luisa Rodriguez - @the_healthybox

Monika Jonaite - @foodtography.with.monique

Petra Flucka - @petraflucka

Prathibha Muralidhara - @spicetripping

Raquel Alvarez Sanchez - @23raquelalvarez

Sabna Ashraf - @sabnaashraf

Sakthikokila Duraisamy - @sakthis_scoop

Vanesa Karamanian - @vanekaramanian

Veera Rusanen - @thequeenofdelicious

Wambugi Rispah - @wambugirispah

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