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Daniela Lambova

Experienced Food Blogger and Coach. I can help you to create your website and branding and give you strategic guidance

Hello, my name is Daniela Lambova, and I am a food blogger since 2012. I am also a course creator and have a passion for helping people learn easily the skills and competences I've acquired through my creative career. I can help you create a blog or a website for your business and tech you how to maintain it easily without any web design experience. Being a professional blogger, I can coach you how to earn money through your blog.

My technical skills

I speak English, Bulgarian, Portuguese and understand well Spanish and Italian. Programs: WordPress, Photoshop, Canva; Google suite/ Microsoft suite, Corel Draw and other vector programs; Power Point/ Keynote; iMovie/ Final Cut Pro/ DaVinci Resolve/ Adobe Premier and many mobile video editing programs; e-mail clients (Mailchimp/ Mailer Lite)

My soft skills

I am good at organizing things and extracting the essence from a long or complex material. My communication is clear and to the point. I am creative and adaptive; my client's ideas inspire my creativity. I am also very efficient and very strict with deadlines.

Daniela offers

WordPress websites

Creating websites from scratch with themes and plugins, creating SEO friendly structure of websites, organize websites that are not well structured, install different plugins, set up email client and freebie, help to set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console and more.

Price: starting at  40 euros / hour


Support regarding website creation, food blog or portfolio site creation, course creation, cookbook creation or anything else that is within my expertise

Price: starting at 55 EUROS / HOUR

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