What is your Task

15 days reel challenge - Healthy Goodies by Lucia

Your task

Your task is to create 15 reels for 15 days (1 reel each day) or as many as you wish :)!

You can join me from today – until the end of October.

You might get scared and overwhelmed by this number, but doing this will push you out of your comfort zone, you will learn a lot and it will bring you results in your business too. 

The goal of this challenge is to help you be more creative, grow your audience on Instagram and improve the engagement you will notice the growth on your blog too, more subscribers or more customers if you have some digital/physical products already. 

This challenge lasts for 15 days, and before you start, I advise you to write down your statistics of the number of followers, readers on your blog, number of subscribers, or customers. 

Creating and posting 15 reels in 15 days will make an amazing transformation on your business or blog, you need to trust this process and the result will come.

How to do it *use the workbook*

  1. Before you start, please, write on some paper the number of followers you have before this challenge. 
  2. Write down 4-5 categories of what you want to speak about (must be related to your business/direction of what you do & must be attractive for your audience. These are the categories we speak about in this lesson.
  3. Go to Instagram and watch a few reels from others, not neccessarily food photographers but from other industries too. Save the reels that inspires you and save the music if you love it.
  4. Write 2-3 ideas for each category of what your reel can be about. 
  5. Go through the ideas for reels you wrote before and the music you saved. Think about which music and ideas can be matched together. By doing this, you will be more creative for making your new reels – what to write, what images to use, or how to cut them into a more dynamic video. 
  6. Start creating your reels – it doesn’t need to be long or complicated, a reel of 10 seconds works great as well. You don’t need to start filming new videos for this challenge, you can use your old images too. Have a look at this Reel or this one or this one, how I utilised my old images. 
  7. You can use iMovie, Movie Marker or any other video software to create the video first, then you can upload it directly to the Reels. Or, you can also follow this lesson and put your videos together directly on Instagram.
  8. Open Instagram Reels, upload your videos or images, add the music, then finalise the reels and save them as drafts, so they are ready to get published during your 15 days challenge. See how to save drafts in this lesson.
  9. If you need any help or you want to brainstorm together some ideas for your Reels – feel free to ask me anything in our free Facebook group.
  10. when you share your Reels, use the hashtag: #ijoinreelchallenge (I join Reel Challenge) 😊

Share your creations

You can share your reels (videos) with us in the facebook group, so other members can get inspired by you! 😊

This challenge will go on for 15 days, starting on today, October 13th, but you can join me for as many days as you can.

Please, share with all of us, in the Facebook group, how this challenge helped you and what you achieved ❤️