Let's recap:

  • Mailing is a list of email addresses and it is a foundation for any business. It is a communication channel, through which, we can build a trust and a deeper connection with our subscribers. And, the objective of the mailing list is to sell our products, test new ones and receive feedback from subscribers or customers.
  • Mailing list is really for any type of business or anyone who doesn’t have a business yet, but is clear about their niche and their intention to build a business in the future. And, it is a must for any bloggers too. On the other side, if you are still looking your niche, don’t know what exactly to focus on, or what to blog about or what to share on your Instagram, I would recommend getting clarity about this first, just pick anything, do a decision about your niche, and then start building your mailing list. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you need to start to make it amazing later.
  • And yes, you can start your mailing list while you only have your Instagram account. You don’t need a blog or a website to start building your mails list. Having a blog or other regular content on YouTube or podcast is highly recommended, but it’s not a must to have at the beginning.
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