Start your mailing list with a leading magnet


  • a freebie can be the best way how to start growing your mailing list. 
  • it can be a pdf, checklist, guide, behind the scenes, a mini e-book, summary of the best content you have, recipe collection, etc... 
  • it can be a pdf that can be downloadable from an email, or a series of emails, such as a mini course
  • it can be a coupon for discounts, if you sell some digital or physical products
  • it shouldn't take you long to create a freebie, keep it simple but valuable for your target audience

Where to find ideas for your freebie:

  • your DMs, comments, emails from your audience,
  • your family and friends - what do they ask a help with?
  • online forums, where people share questions and receive answers, 
  • Facebook groups, where your target audience groups
  • within your existing email list, just ask your subscribers via a survey, 
  • create a survey on IG stories

Brainstorm some ideas for a freebie you can create:

  • do a market research of your competitors for inspiration - what kind of freebie do they have?
  • what are the most frequent questions people ask you?
  • what do your friends or family come to you for? What they need a help with?
  • google what kind of forums are in your niche, where people ask questions
  • join fb groups in your niche, what do others need a help with? What your target audience struggles with?
  • brainstorm 10 ideas for your freebies - you don’t need to develop them now, just start thinking of what you could write about
  • decide if your freebie willl be a pdf or an email series
  • select the best idea from your list
  • start working on your freebie and share it with us in our forum
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