Rectangle Color scheme uses two complementary color schemes in one image. It helps to balance a very colorful image, but the correct proportion of how much color to include can become tricky. It’s very important to find the right balance here, so the other supporting colourful ingredients can help the main hero stand out, and not take the attention from it.

I don’t work often with this color combinations, usually because I love working with maximum of 2 colors in my images. Recently I started including more colours in my images, and it was thanks to a new backdrop that inspired me to do so.

Purple – yellow, red – green

In this shot you see strong saturated colors – purple, red, yellow/orange, green.

The images gets a lot of drama, as we work with a few contrasting colours here.

The right proportion is very important in this image – to balance how much of each color we should include.

Strongly present and the most important is the purple – backdrop. Then, we have few tomatoes with strong red color, few tomatoes with yellow/orange, wine and the last color is green.

In such a combination, don’t feel strictly limited to colours in the scheme. You can add some other colours, when you feel, they work in the image too. It’s about expressing your ideas and creativity and there are no right or wrong choices or rules.

Purple – yellow – red – green #2

This image also contains 4 colours, but because each color has the right proportion, the image feels balanced. This might be also due to the grey backdrop I used here.

The mostly present color is green – salad, avocado. Then, it’s red/pink – peaches. Then, it’s yellow – olive bottle in the corner and some parts of avocado too. And last, it’s purple that you can notice only on the edges of the salad and on basil leaves.

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