Summary of the lesson:

What is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful photographer?

It’s not time or years of experience, it’s not talent, connections, or expensive equipment, but it’s your habits that you create in your personal and professional life and how you approach your art on a daily basis. 

Think about this: 

How would it be if you were 4-5 times more productive food photographer?

What would life would look like if you changed all your bad habits with good ones? How will your life be if switching your habits?

7 steps in allowing creative abundance to flow to you:

Step 1 – Eliminate all distractions

  • How social media distract you from focusing on getting things done? How are they limiting your creativity by falling into comparison with other photographers? Try to switch off your instagram or emails, and focus on your daily goals. 
  • Get organized and clean up your computer, desk, and space around you. Create your system, spend a couple of days daily to organize your things. 
  • Too many responsibilities – how many roles do you cover? This can be overwhelming, especially for women. We do have families, homes to take care, but we also need to follow our dreams and desires. Learn how to say NO in order to have more time for working on your goals. Can you maybe delegate something to someone else?

Step 2 – Move your body and your mind will follow

Take care of your body, meditate, exercise regularly, or take a walk. It helps you boost creative thinking and finding a solution to your problem or obstacles. 

When you feel overwhelmed, tired, weak, stuck, just take a walk. Move your body, breathe deeply.

Step 3 – Know your why

Know your why – what moves to forward. Why do you want to accomplish your goals? Why do you want that life of your dreams? Imagine the artistic life you will be living. Motivate yourself by this idea every single day, and when you question your motives and doubt yourself, remember your WHY.

Step 4 – Give up your need to be liked

You can’t please everybody. You can’t build an incredible life of pleasing everyone. You can’t create it while pleasing all and be fulfilled at the same time. Do not let yourself be controlled by the fear of other people’s opinions. Separate negative emotions from your craft. You don’t need other people’s approval. You are the only one you need an approval from for what you are doing.

Step 5 – Follow your curiosity

Question everything, develop curiosity. Give yourself permission to wonder and be curious. It will improve your creative skills tremendously.

Step 6 – Follow your insecurities

Your insecurities block your biggest potential. Don’t let your insecurities to stop you moving forward in something if it didn’t work out in the beginning. Follow your voice, your need to create, your ideas. Learn from your mistakes, and how can you make it better the next time.

Step 7 – The right environment

Be selective with whom and how you spend your time. It’s so powerful in influencing your creativity. Surround yourself with creatives that inspire you, motivate and support you. Avoid socializing with people, who try to push you down. Protect your well being, your creativity.

Content author of this lesson: Christina Greve

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