A good option to start with, as it provides a free account up to 2000 email contacts. However, it has a big complicated interface and it doesn't give you option to create a welcome email sequence on a free plan. It's one of the longest email list providers, so it offers you lots of options for 3rd party integrations.

I use Mailchimp for the possibility to integrate it with a Memberpress plugin (which I use for our Members' Club). Honestly said: if not having our Members' Club, I would most probably change the provider, as it's not very price competitive above 2000 contacts. 

Mailchimp pricing


A super user friendly, offering beautifully designed templates. But, rather expensive to start with, as it doesn't offer free plan, however it offers you 1 month for free. With some affiliate links, you can get 50% discount on your monthly fee.

It doesn't offer possibility to integrate it with many 3rd party plugins. 


Offers a free account up to 1000 subscribers, and above, prices are better than Mailchimp. ConvertKit has lots of options for integrations with other 3rd party plugins. I've never used ConvertKit, but I know it's worth trying it. 


Offers 1 month for free, after that the price starts at 16 euro/month, and less if you subscribe for a year or two. It has interesting features within the lowest paid plan, so it's ok for you to start paying some euro from the beginning, you can give a try. I have never used GetResponse, so I can't give you better feedback. 


Is very competitive with their prices, and offers a free plan up to 1000 subscribers. I've never used this provider. 


Offers a 14 days free trial, after that the monthly fee jumps to 39 dollars / month. Never used this provider.


Offers a free plan up to 500 subscribers. Then, monthly fees seems very competitive. I've never used this provider.


Starts with a paid plan of 9 dollars per month. It's one of the most advanced and best email marketing providers. Although, the prices are much higher. I never used this provider.

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