Mailchimp sign-up form and creating welcome sequence

In this lesson, I show you how to use Mailchimp for managing your mailing list. You will learn, how to create a sign up form, how to design and build it for what you need, how to create a welcome email and a welcome email sequence using the Customer Journey feature of Mailchimp. 

You can access and build the Customer journey with a free plan, but, you can't activate it. This is only for the paid plans. However, if you decide to use Mailchimp with their premium plans, you will learn how to use and customise the journey, to communicate with your subscribers more effectively.


Building Customer Journey in Mailchimp

Learn from Mailchimp about their Customer Journey feature

Sign up Form in Mailchimp

Learn from Mailchimp about their sign-up forms

Welcome emails in Mailchimp

Learn about how to create the first impression with a welcome email

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