Let’s play with Golden Ratio Compositions

Let’s play with the Golden Ratio

This month, I encourage you to try and experiment with all 3 compositions – Golden Triangle, Golden Ratio and Golden Spiral.

The more you will practice them, the more you will notice that some composition come easier than the others. Every photographer has their preferred composition, and you don’t need to master all. You only need to find out which one fits your style and go with this.

In my case, I prefer the Golden Triangle, then the Golden Ratio and honestly said, I don’t really like the Golden Spiral much. I use it from time to time, but it just doesn’t flow so easily as composing the image with the Golden Triangle or Golden ratio. And that’s ok! 

It’s important to try it and see how you feel.

The more you practice and shoot, the more you will notice you are inclined to use one or two compositions over and over. And that’s ok too 🙂

This is also how you build your photography style, by using certain compositions that comes naturally to you.

Your task

So, your task this month is to compose the image following the Golden Ratio, Golden Triangle and Golden Spiral 

You can choose whether you want to use the same set for all 3 compositions, or you want to create 3 different scenes.

Share your creations!

Share your 3 images with all of us in our Facebook group. Please, together with the final image, share the one with the composition overlay (as you see below), so everyone can learn from you. 

I will then, upload your images here, in the lesson below, so everybody can learn and get inspired from you 🙂

Please, when you share your images, tell us more about: 

  • Which composition you found easier and more difficult,
  • How did you feel approaching different compositions and what you found easy and what was more challenging
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