Let’s play with colors!

Let’s play with colours!

This creating challenge will help you put the colour theory into practice and will help you identify the colour scheme that fits your photography style.

Your task

Your task is to choose 2 or 3 colour schemes and apply them into your images, maintaining the same subject.

Get inspired from the images below:

In these two images, I used the same subject, but I created 2 different colour combinations. The first one is monochromatic, where I used orange colours in the whole image. The second image is based on a complementary colour scheme (blue-orange), I changed the backdrop to include the blue contrasting colour.

How did you feel when working with different colour scheme?

Which colours scheme would be the right one for your photography style?

Which colour scheme was the most challenging for you and which one you felt most comfortable with?

Share your creations

Share your images with all of us in our Facebook group. We are so excited to see what you create 🙂

When sharing your image, please, mention which colour scheme you feel matches with your photography style and which colour scheme doesn’t, and tell us why.

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