Let’s design and create a newsletter!

Let's design a newsletter for you!

Your tasks is to create a design of newsletter for your blog or business. You can use the templates from Federica, or, you can create your own. 

Focus on creating your own templates, that you can use for every newsletter you send to your subscribers. 

You can see as an example how I managed to transform my welcome email, on the left, a simple boring email made in Mailchimp, and on the right, a beautiful designed email that has a completely different feel. Incredible transformation with the exact same copy (text).

Share your design with us

Share your design with us in our forum, I am excited to see what you create. Feel free to reach out for any questions you have. 



Access Canva for designing your amazing templates

Thyme Newsletter Templates from Sparrow&Snow

You can purchase Thyme Newsletter Templates from Sparrow&Snow with 50% discount - use the coupon lucia-sparrow50 at the check out page

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