Know your Avatar, Niche, and set your goals


1 - Know your Avatar

Before you start with mailing list, know who is your Audience - create your Avatar. 

Avatar is a term used in marketing, in other words: buyer persona, marketing persona, or customer profile. Avatar is a profile of your ideal customer—the type of person, that wants to purchase your products or services.

To understand who is your ideal customer, you can ask following questions:

  • Who is that person? Is it female or male?
  • How old the person is? What occupation does that person have?
  • What are his/her hobbies or interests? What does she/he do during her/his free time?
  • Does he/she have any children?
  • What are the things that she/he like? What are the charachteristics of that person?
  • What are his/herthe strenghts or weaknesses?
  • What does he/she struggle with?
  • What problems does she/he have?
  • What solution is he/she looking for?
  • What does she/he wants to learn?
  • What motivates her/him to work towards their dreams?
  • What are his/her dreams? What does he/she wants to achieve in the future? Why he/she wants this?
  • and more. 

Understanding your Avatar's pain points, will help you create amazing products and improve your communication (via newsletters, on social media...).

2 - Define your niche

How can you specialise more? What is your niche you focus on? 

Who are you (what is your job), how can you help your Avatar in achieving what kind of transformation?

Example: I am (a food blogger, food photographer), and I help (Your target audience) to do (Your solution), so that they (transformation they will achieve)

3- Set your goals

Newsletter is a marketing tool to help you achieve certain goal in your business. But, before you start building your mailing list, you need to define a goal in your blog or business.  Then, decide the role of mailing list in achieving your goals. 

What is it that you want to achieve in your blog or business? 

How many products do you want to sell and how much money do you want to achieve?

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