I strongly believe we progress in food photography when we are motivated, inspired, and creative. We should feel positive and confident about our qualities but we should also know what skills to improve

We all, no matter the experience in photography or age, feel down sometimes, we feel not creative, we compare to the others, and want to give up because someone else already does what you want to do. 

Have you ever felt the same? 

I did many times. But it only blocked me in my way and for this reason, I would love to share with you my point of view:

This happens constantly to everyone. Creativity is not something we take for granted, but we have to take care of it. 

Let me tell you an example: Imagine a fitness guy, with strong muscles. It’s hard work behind, practicing, learning, over and over. He didn’t build all this in one month, or two, it probably took him years to get there. He nourishes his muscles through healthy food, and regular exercise, and adding always some extra weights or repetitions to his exercises. If he doesn’t push it further and challenges himself every time, his muscles would not grow bigger but they would get stuck and stop growing.

Do you see a connection here? 

Your creativity is that muscle. This is the most important thing you need to take care of. If you want to be super creative, you need to grow and nourish your creativity. You take as much as you put into. 

How can you grow your creativity? This is a question of progress, there is not a quick solution. Regularly invest a little bit of your time to study & practice something new. But important is to take a break too, exercise, eat well (so you feel good and have energy), take a walk to refresh your mind. 

I get so many ideas while walking. If I am creating something for my blog, I go for a walk and think about everything. Exercising or moving your body is a great way how to reflect on things. Your mind will be very fresh and you will be surprised how well it works.
And this is the fact, proved by Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and even Barack Obama. They were big fans of walking meetings. And also according to a Stanford University study, a person’s creative output is increased by 60% when they were walking.  

So, sometimes the only thing you need is to take a walk 🙂 

If you get an idea, just do it. Do not let others stop you. There is a huge competition everywhere! and every idea you get has been already realized. It’s a fact. You won’t stop training to become a fitness trainer, because there are hundreds of them already in your town. You become a fitness trainer because you love it and you will do things differently. Different approach, different communication & training with your clients. Because you are a different and unique person and there is no other same person in the world as you are.

You get me, right?

Even if the idea is the same as theirs, it will never be the same. Just think about it… I opened the Member’s Club to teach food photography. But, how many amazing teachers and courses are already out there? We all do the same thing… teach you how to do beautiful images. The idea is the same, but everybody has their unique personality and approach to things.

Think about what makes you unique, it can be your background, skills & style. It is unique and only yours. 

Never let yourself compare with others, instead, use others to get inspired. Study their work as an inspiration. Understand your strengths&weaknesses and work on them.

Become the best in what makes you unique in your unique way. 

It’s up to you to find out what makes you unique. It’s a process that requires time.

If you start with photography, you need to learn it step by step. First things first. Imagine learning a new language. You start with the basic grammar, new vocabulary, and step by step you progress. You do not speak fluently after 3 months of learning. It’s a long run. It’s the same in photography. Learn well the basic compositions, how to use light, Lightroom etc. Then when you master this, move on on. Maybe advanced compositions, blocking the light source, layering (this is different for everybody). You master this, you move on. And over and over. Give yourself time and permission to be a beginner. The progress comes when you feel relaxed, motivated, and inspired.

I hope this course will help you build the self-confidence you deserve, find your creative style that will be unique and will speak from your heart, give you clarity about your creative goals and help you understand how to achieve them.

Content author of this lesson: Lucia Marecak

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