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Summary notes for this lesson:

How to build the unlimited self-confidence? What are the secrets of other successfull and self-confident creatives? Where they born with such a confidence or can it be learned and practiced?

Today, Christina will show you how to build the self-confidence you deserve. It’s not so difficult, but it requires time, focus and determination.

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The process of building your self-confidence start with:

1. self-awareness and understanding of your negative thoughts.

  • What are the negative beliefs you have about yourself? What are the FEARS  that come up when you think about yourself, your goals or your food photography? 
  • How are those fears, doubts or believes? Are they absurd or ridiculous when you look at them now?

You can’t use the magic wand to make your fears disappear immediatelly. But, you can take regular action to make them go away. These fears are not something you are born with. These negative beliefs are built during your life experiences. These are the beliefs that were planted in ourselves by others, telling us: you are not good enough, you are not ready, you can’t do this or that… it came so often that we accepted these external thoughts for our own. It is not right.

2. Self-awareness – create positive beliefs about yourself

What you believe creates your identity. You are who you believe to be. Let’s create positive thoughts about yourself that you will use to replace your negative beliefs.
What positive beliefs do you want to have about yourself? Write down all your positive thoughts about how you see yourself. (examples: You are good enough, you are ready for making food photography your business, you are good enough to start working with clients… )

How do you feel about yourself and your positive beliefs? What feelings do they evoke in yourself?

3. Reprogram your mind

It’s time to replace your negative beliefs about yourself. Reparent yourself with love, couragement, affection, attention, support. You deserve it.  It is your responsibility to give it to yourself now. 

Every time, your negative thought appears, you have to shut it up and start repeating your new positive beliefs about yourself. 

Self-confidence is self-trust. To build confidence is to build trust in yourself. Keep the promises you give to you. Take action on what you promise to do. 

What actions can you take to make your new positive beliefs come true? Write down all you need to do or change for each of your positive beliefs.

4. Start building your self-confidence today. 

The most important thing in building self-confidence is doing what you promise to yourself. Do what you decide is important to you. You gotta keep your promises to yourself. 

And when your subconscious mind sees you are serious about your positive beliefs, it will follow your decision. It will bring you happiness, excitement, self-confidence, the energy starts flowing to you and you will feel amazing. 

Let’s start this day with the first change. What is ONE promise you give to yourself today, that helps you be a happier person?

Content author of this lesson: Christina Greve

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