In this lesson, we will focus on a glassware for cocktails. We will exclude wine and beer in this lesson, as these spirits are not included in a cocktail category.

There are 3 basic categories of the types of cocktail glass, however nowadays, you can see many different styles and designs on the market.

When styling your cocktails, be aware of what glass the cocktail is served in. Some recipes advice the type of glass, however, do not consider this as a limitation. Be creative, and if you feel the other glass fits your drink better, go for it!

Category 1: Martini Glass

it’s a glass with the inverted cone sitting on a slender stem. We can include Margarita glass into this category too.

Martini glasses hold a relatively modest amount of cocktail and is suitable for strong and short cocktails, with the base of vodka or gin, without ice and with a type of preparation: “shake and pour”, or “strain and pour”.

Category 2: Highball Glass or Collins

It’s a call & narrow glass, which serves for long drinks of “build” preparation, “shake and pour” and “mix and pour”.

Having this type of glass is essential, however, you might have a set of glasses for water, or fruit that will fit into this category and can be used for cocktails too.

Category 3: Whisky Tumbler or Rocks Glass

these are the “old fashioned” type of cocktail, on the rocks means, poured on the ice.

It is a wide-mounted, squat glass used particularly for drinks that are stirred, or those that are prepared int he glass, such as a classic Old-Fashioned

These are the three basic categories of glasses you should have in your glass collection for cocktails.

To this collection, we can add large Goblet cocktail glasses, of the kind that have a rounded bowl and a flared rim. These are often used for blended cocktails, containing fruit purees, of the tropical beach-bar variety), and some tiny shot-glasses for those drinks knows as shooters (these glasses however are less requested in your photography glass collection).

Then, there are wine glasses, that can be used for other cocktails too, the champagne flute glasses have the best shape for serving a cocktail based on sparkling wine.

An overview of the entire glassware collection:

Building your glassware prop collection

Building glassware collection takes time. It’s enough to buy 1 or 2 glasses, avoid buying the whole set of 6.

Focus on getting the must-have pieces covering each category, then, with time you build and collect various designs within these categories.

It’s important to choose the glassware with an interesting texture or pattern. Avoid distracting patterns that don’t allow to see what’s inside

Get glasses of different heights, avoid collecting the same sizes

Look for unique pieces, best places are second hand stores, vintage markets.

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