Diad color scheme – uses two colours that are separated by one color on the color wheel. This combination evoke sense of calmness, as we don’t work with the colour contrast here.

Red – orange

Red – orange is the combination I went for in this image. It’s soft, make people hungry, energised, and excited for the new day 🙂

There is not much color contrast (drama) happening in this image, colors used are sitting (almost) next to each other on the color wheel, therefore they create that softer feeling.

You can see that other props used in this shot are glassware, or white/light grey, that perfectly match any color you work with.

Yellow/orange – green/yellow

In this image, I used yellow/orange and green/yellow colours.

They evoke freshness, sense of calmness, and black & dark props help the main hero to stand out.

You can see a bit of orange colour too, so even we can say it could also be an analogous colour combination.

This is an example how flexible you can be when it comes to colour schemes. These are not the rules, but guidelines, that help you make the right colour choices. However, always listen to your feelings and don’t feel limited to the colours you see in the scheme.

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