Creative Challenge – “ME AND MY STYLE”

In the course this month, you will learn about how to build your own photography style, that will be unique and only yours. 

How can you put your personality, values, strenghts or the best memories from your childhood into food photography image? When you combine your personality with photography, you create your own style, and voice. And because you are unique, your style will be unique too. 

Here is your task

Your task is to create a food photography image, that would represent your personality, your values, your experiences. Simply, this image would represent yourself. 

What kind of person are you? What are your best memories from your childhood? Do you prefer nature or are you more a city person? How can you communicate your strengths or values into food photography image?

You can find some inspiration for this challenge in the lesson 2 (Module2) – “Define Your Own Photography Style). 

As an example: The image on the left speaks a lot about myself. I am often nostalgic, thinking about my past, thinking about my family when I lived with them. Since I moved abroad, I don’t see them very often, but what I mostly sorry about not seeing my grandmother, that passed away. These moody, nostalgic images reminds me of her a lot. I am also a person that prefer being alone, but from time to time I love being with my good friend and talk, while having a cup of tea.

Share your creations!

Share your creation in our forum, so we can share our feedback with you. 

When you post your image, tell us more about yourself and how you communicated it in your food photo. 

If you share your image on Instagram, you can tag our new Members’ Club account @healthygoodies_membersclub  and use the hashtag #hgmembersclub so I can share your image in my stories!

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