Creative Challenge I – Let’s play with composition

Let’s play with Composition!

Kimberly shared with us also an assignment, which will be your monthly challenge as well.

Prepare any subject, you want to photograph and lets’ play with composition this time.

Your task:

Use the following grids and create 4 images with the same subject, but using compositions Kimberly spoke about in the lesson:

  • Diamond
  • Triangles
  • L-shape
  • Symmetry

Print the cheatsheets

You will access the cheatsheets on this link. They are saved in our Resource e-Library as well, which you will access also from your dashboard.

Share your creations!

Share your creations with all of the members in our Facebook group, or you can send them to my email too ( I will upload your images into this course, in the lesson below, so everybody can learn and get inspired from you!

Please, when sharing your creations, share more information about them from the Kimberly’s cheatsheet, linked here.

All the content & images in this lesson are from Kimberly, The Little Plantation. Texts are from Kimberly’s Playbook (Creative Food Photography)

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